DUBNET makes finding community easy

UWT’s new online portal provides easy access to communities on campus.

DUBNET, an online portal for student involvement, was made available on Sep. 27. Students can browse clubs, events, and volunteer opportunities on DUBNET by simply logging in with their NetID. 

The portal is home to Registered Student Organizations. Finding and joining clubs used to be a challenging task due to many websites, links, and pages. Now, the portal puts everything in one spot making it much easier for students to navigate.  

“Honestly, I didn’t even know where to find clubs,” said one student, who asked to remain anonymous. “I would’ve joined one last year if I knew where to look.” 

Luckily for them, and all others in a similar position, DUBNET makes finding clubs easy. From academic to identity, DUBNET hosts a wide variety of student organizations. 

DUBNET also includes a calendar of events and communication services. The portal will make it easy for students to connect with one another and find communities they are interested in.  

DUBNET also keeps track of students’ Dawg Bones, an incentive for getting involved on campus.  

DUBNET features an image of the UWT campus when users login. | DUBNET Screenshot

According to the Center for Student Involvement, Dawg Bones are awarded to students for attending events, joining clubs, and more. In other words, students can be rewarded for taking part in most campus activities. Dawg Bones can be redeemed for many prizes from stickers to UW apparel. 

Conor Leary, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, expressed excitement for the portal, saying that it is a great tool for students who want to find community. For Conor, getting involved is important for personal success and growth in the UWT community. DUBNET makes joining and creating clubs more accessible for everyone. 

Additionally, if a student wants to create a new organization, DUBNET will simplify the process. So, find some folks with a common interest and start a new club through DUBNET. 

You can login to DUBNET by using your NetID to browse Registered Student Organizations, volunteer opportunities, and events taking place on campus. DUBNET can be accessed here: