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The Tacoma Annual Film Festival is Back! 

Local theatre supports independent film through annual film festival.

Tacoma’s Annual Film Festival is back! 

Do you like movies? Are you trying to study film? Would you like to support independent filmmakers? Attend the annual Tacoma Film Festival next month!  

Set at the Grand Cinema, the Tacoma Film Festival welcomes filmmakers from all over the world. Films like “Black Barbie,” by director Lagueria Davis, or “The Woods Are Real,” by Alix Lambert, will be just a few of the films shown at this event.  

The description of “Black Barbie” reads, “Upon Mattel’s 1980 release of Black Barbie, the film turns to the intergenerational impact the doll had. Discussing how the absence of black images in the ‘social mirror’ left Black girls with little other than White subjects for self-reflection and self-projection.” The film aims to touch on perspectives of children growing up in a Barbie world as a minority and the effects it has on young boys and girls. 

Another film that will be showcased here is “Corky” by Christine Caruso. The film’s focus is on the captivity of wild animals, specifically the orca “Corky.” The film’s description: “Corky has been in captivity for 53 years, and she is the world’s longest-held captive orca. The film brings attention to how public sentiment about keeping orcas in captivity has changed and how public pressure led SeaWorld to end the breeding of their orcas.” This documentary also comes in light of growing pressure to end captivity of wild animals like orcas. Other films like “Blackfish” have helped capture the torment and suffering these animals go through.  

Other notable films that will be shown at this event include, “The Woods Are Real” by Alix Lambert, “JessZilla” by Emily Sheskin, “Free Time” by Ryan Martin Brown and “Bella” by Bridget Murnane.  

The festival includes a variety of film categories like short films, documentaries, stop motion and more. Their goal is to include a wide range of filmmakers from all over the world to right here in the Pacific Northwest. Awards for films will be given out to winners of this festival, and there will be special conversations by the filmmakers including cast and crew for select films. The Tacoma Film Festival is also FREE for Tacoma & Pierce County students! 

The festival will take place from October 5 – 12. To learn more and buy your tickets please visit:

The front door of The Grand Cinema. | Photo by Cameron J. Berrens