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Important UWT Resources for New Students

The UW Tacoma campus has many helpful resources for new and continuing students such as Academic Advising, DRS, PAWS, Student Advocacy and CEI.

As a new quarter swiftly approaches, you may find yourself having questions about resources inside our campus. Whether you’re a new or returning student, these resources are set so that we can all successfully complete our studies in UWT. 

The Academic Advising office offers a service that – while not mandatory – is extremely helpful. Regardless of whether you’ve decided on a major or minor, you can schedule an appointment with the advisor of your choice. They can either offer pointers on what major/minor might best suit you, discuss what classes you require to graduate, and audit your degree to plan out classes you can take in advance.  

The Disability Resource for Students office focuses on making sure the student experience is less challenging for the disabled student body. They provide services for both physical and mentally disable students. It’s here that you can apply for in-class or testing accommodations and discuss any hurdles that you might (or may) be facing as a student.  

This resource also goes hand in hand with PAWS (Psychological & Wellness Services). Here, you and your peers can find mental health counseling at no extra cost, whether it is for drop in or yearlong services.  

The Office of Student Advocacy helps students find on and off-campus resources for absolutely anything they might need. Their goal is to help students by directly suggesting resources for any specific barrier they might be struggling with.  

Finally, the Center for Equity & Inclusion (CEI) focuses on the equal treatment of historically marginalized groups on campus. If you are ever in search of any support regarding equal treatment during your time as a student or simply want to meet a group that will empower you during your time here, the CEI will tackle all concerns. 

All these offices and centers can be contacted online or through phone by going into the “Husky’s Care” Resource Center tab or the “Students Resources” tab.  

Link to Husky’s Care: 

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