Study Hacks for busy students ft. Lo-Fi Girl and Synthwave Boy

Tips to help you vibe while studying.

Video by Lofi Girl via YouTube | lofi hip hop radio ???? – beats to relax/study to

The relaxing yet catchy tunes of the lo-fi genre have been known as a perfect background noise for students to use during their busy hours. But recently, a new character was added to the lo-fi channel family. Introduced as “synth-wave boy,” he sits on his computer typing away, along with his own furry friend; a cute puppy snoozing near his desk. Fans were not expecting this new addition but were pleasantly surprised. The new stream video is titled “Synthwave Radio – Beats to Chill/Game to.” Since its release on April 7, it’s gotten over 332k likes and always has over 15k viewers. 

There is a lot we students can learn from both lo-fi girl and synthwave boy. Mostly, how we can make a calm and comfortable learning space for ourselves. After all, living in contemporary times where grind culture is the norm, it’s important to prioritize our physical and emotional health. Here are some tips that I’ve personally used that help alleviate stress and anxiety induced by our everyday busy lives. 

Planning designated study/work times helps create a sense of control over your own time. It’s also important to eat meals before sitting down to study, since having those extra nutrients helps your body regain some of the energy lost during the day. It’s also important to create a distinguishable ambiance, which allows your brain to alert your body that you’re ready to begin to work again: play some pleasant music on your speakers or headphones by curating a study/work playlist, light some scented candles or cleansing incense, use softer LED lights to illuminate your desk, change into comfy clothes and properly cushion your seat to create maximum back support. 

Working and studying at intervals of no longer than 3 hours also helps avoid exhaustion. Especially with people like me who struggle with concentration can benefit from allowing ourselves to take short breaks; anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. Take time to stand up from your desk, walk around, stretch and even make yourself some tea or snacks. Personally, I find English breakfast tea to give me a burst of energy during early work and study sessions, and chamomile tea to help ease my anxiety during later sessions. Having my cat curl up on my lap anytime I’m working also helps me feel my most comfortable.

Illustration by @lofigirl via Twitter | Since it’s introduction, “lofi hip hop” has been one of the most popular musical genres for students to study to.

Another thing that greatly helps me is keeping my space clean (to some degree) and working in a specific place in my apartment. Having a designated work area where I keep all my materials makes it easier for me to sit down and get to work. Rather than sitting on the couch in the living room or on your bed, try to have a desk and a comfortable chair. It’ll help you avoid getting sleepy or distracted, as your body will associate these spaces with certain activities. Couches are usually for lounging, and beds are for sleeping. 

As for cleaning, we all know how difficult it can be to find the energy to clean or keep organized. But trying to take a bit of time every day to put a few things in their place and keep your desk clear will definitely help get weight off your chest. It’s also great to decorate your space to your liking, rather than just having a plain workstation. Hang up posters, buy cute stationary or get a light-up keyboard. You’ll find yourself enjoying the time you’re spending there rather than dreading it. Being surrounded by the things you enjoy can give anyone a small boost of serotonin. 

One thing that’s important to know is that everyone tends to have their own, unique routine. While some people benefit from more high-energy music, caffeine and brighter lighting; others prefer chill music, warm tea and cozy lighting. But one thing that stays constant for everyone is that being comfortable is the most important factor in creating a suitable workspace. Explore some of these tips, mix and match and see which ones work best for you! If you’re looking for constantly changing lo-fi and synthwave beats to play while you work and study, check out the lo-fi girl and synthwave boy YouTube channels.