The Student Activities Board resumes on-campus social events

The Student Activities Board hosts a calendar of social events for UWT students, faculty, and staff to enjoy.

Illustration by SAB | SAB Logo

The Student Activities Board (SAB), a student-led RSO, is back to hosting in-person events. Keeping with the UWT slogan “You belong here,” the SAB hosts and facilitates educational, social and entertainment events, prioritizing ones that encourage students, staff, faculty and the greater Tacoma community to come together and have fun. 

Run through the Center for Student Involvement, located at the University Y, the SAB hopes to improve campus life at UW Tacoma by offering a diverse set of community social events. SAB says their goal is to create a stronger sense of community between students at UWT.

“It can be really hard for people to snap out of their daily routine once they get into it. What I would like to do with SAB is find a way to consistently get people out of their comfort zone or their daily routine by providing events and opportunities for students to meet new people,” Jadin Hawkins, SAB Staple Events Coordinator and UWT Student, said.

Providing a mix of themed events and social gatherings, the SAB members hope to encourage a sense of belonging and community for UWT students.

“Our whole premise is to connect students, not only with the school, but also with each other,” said Alexis Britt, SAB Husky Life Coordinator and UWT Student.

On February 3, the SAB will hold a Winter Celestial Ball at the Tacoma Convention Center, hosted and DJed by Jadin Hawkins, aka DJ BLACKDISC. The SAB Winter Celestial Ball is a semi-formal event, offering a night of dancing, socializing, fun dance competitions, life-sized connect four, and other activities. This event is open to UWT students and their guests. UWT students receive free admission. Guest tickets are $5 each. The event will be from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

In mid-February, the SAB is planning a “Speed Friending” event. Like speed dating, the Speed Friending event will create quick and changing opportunities for students to get to know each other in a fast-paced, game-like setting. Planned and hosted by Britt, the event seeks to bring students together who would not typically have an opportunity to meet.

“With this event, we just want students to feel connected and not fall into that stereotype of being a commuter school. We don’t have to just go to school and go home. We can make friends here,” Britt said.

Hawkins is also working on a project to make the UWT campus more available for student artists to showcase their work and talents. 

“I want to try to build more of a place for creatives and musicians on campus so we can build a platform for these people,”  Hawkins said.

If you are a student performing artist and/or musician, and would like to get connected to perform or participate in campus events, contact Jadin Hawkins at

The Student Activities Board plans events throughout each quarter. Their emphasis is to provide engaging activities and gatherings to attract all UWT students. Though SAB events are open to all students, Britt says many students have expressed an interest to get involved in campus events but aren’t sure how or where to start. 

If you are interested in attending an SAB event, or curious about what other opportunities are available on campus, visit the SAB webpage at or find them on Instagram @SABUWT

SAB wants to hear from you. Scan the QR code or visit the SAB Campus Playlist to share your favorite songs for SAB to play during their events.