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Movies to catch up on when you’re sick at home

It’s that time of year when everyone’s getting sick— so make the most of your quarantine and stream some movies from your couch.

Being sick sucks, but you might as well make the most of it and check out some movies you may have missed. Keep reading to learn more about some films available to stream. With a variety of genres, you’ll surely find a winning pick. 

Photo by LionsGate | “The Wonder” movie poster

“The Wonder” 

In the mood for something evocative and dark? Check out “The Wonder,” directed by Sebastián Lelio, which is the story of a young girl who claims to be sustained only by God, and does not need to eat. Florence Pugh stars as a nurse who is tasked with watching the girl to find out if she really can go months without food as she and her family insist. It is a historical period piece, and is intense yet restrained. With haunting music and the beautiful Irish countryside as its backdrop, this gothic mystery is as intriguing as it is disturbing. 

Photo by Amazon Studios | “My Policeman” movie poster

“My Policeman” 
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If you’re looking for a tragic love story, “My Policeman,” directed by Michael Grandage, explores the same-sex relationship between a museum curator and a married policeman in 1950s England. While Harry Styles may not be an incredible actor, the film is touching and provides interesting dynamics and insights about being gay in the 1950s. There is stunning imagery of the ocean that brings a visual to the emotional turmoil, and though there are rough moments, the story is ultimately uplifting. 

Photo by Hulu and DisneyPlus | “Rosaline” movie poster


If you’d prefer something funny and lighthearted, “Rosaline,” directed by Karen Maine, is a twist on “Romeo and Juliet,” telling the story from Romeo’s scorned ex-girlfriend’s point of view. The film is charming and hilarious, and a fun take on Shakespeare without feeling cliche or overdone. The dialogue is quick-witted but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Kaitlyn Dever as Rosaline sells it beautifully, and Minnie Driver as her nurse brings top-notch comedy. This movie portrays Romeo as a himbo — what more could you want? 

Photo by “Netflix” | “Do Revenge” movie poster

“Do Revenge”

If you’re feeling nostalgic for ‘90s teen movies, look no further than “Do Revenge.” This movie is an homage to the dark comedies set in high school that were popular two decades ago. Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, this film tells the story of Drea and Eleanor, a scorned popular girl and new student, who agree to seek revenge on each other’s nemesis to avoid getting in trouble for it themselves. The chemistry between Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke sells the movie. The movie was brought together by colorful and quirky set and costume designs, as well as a killer soundtrack. The problems are topical and the plot is full of twists, bringing a fun experience to your living room.