Razor scooters have arrived at UWT

UWT, the city of Tacoma and Razor USA have teamed up to bring Razor Share e-scooters to the UWT campus.

Photo by Alexa Christie | A collector of Razor scooters.

On Wednesday, November 9, Razor Share e-scooters officially launched as an on-campus option for quick commuting between UWT buildings. Razor Share e-scooters are community use scooters, available to rent for short trips within city limits.  

For UWT students, scooters can be found at the designated parking zones located in front of the University Y, on Pacific Avenue near the UWT bookstore, in front of The Rock Wood Fired Pizza and on 17th Avenue at the crossroads of Broadway Street and Pacific Avenue.

To start scootering, riders need to download the Razor mobility app. After creating a rider profile and submitting documentation to confirm they are 18 years of age or older, riders can use the app to begin locating scooters.  

After locating an available scooter, the app will show the scooter’s location, battery life, and estimated distance from the rider’s current location. Once riders arrive at the scooter location, they will scan the QR code, located on the scooter’s handlebars, to connect that scooter with their rider profile. Then it’s time to scoot-scoot!

According to Mike Tirey, Tacoma Operations Manager for Razor USA, trips typically range from 1-4 miles. The cost to ride is $1 to unlock the scooter, and $.39 per minute, making the average ride cost around $4-$6. 

For riders who qualify, Razor USA offers the option of an affordability program. Anyone enrolled in programs such as free/reduced lunch, snap benefits, TANF or any other state or national subsidy program will qualify for the affordability program. Razor USA reports, though there is no specific list of qualifying programs/benefits, any document that shows participation in an assistance program is usually enough to qualify a rider. 

Tirey explains, “Most people will send a photo of their EBT or SNAP card, or a government letter that talks about their benefits. We have also accepted electric bills if they already have low-income assistance on it. If we receive anything else that suggests they are enrolled in a financial assistance program, we’ll confirm it to the best of our ability and often grant that person with the affordability program pricing.” 

Once qualified for the program, riders will pay $.50 to unlock a scooter and $.15 per minute, plus tax and an additional city fee. 

The Razor mobility app states there is sometimes a $10 preauthorization hold placed on a rider’s card. This hold is to cover any instances where unauthorized or underfunded credit or debit transactions may occur. Razor USA says holds are implemented occasionally, and begin at the start of a ride. 

After the ride has completed, the Razor app reports the $10 hold will be lifted, though they warn it could take up to 24 hours for the funds to return to your account, depending upon when your bank releases them back to you.

Once the rider is finished with their scooter, they can park it on any sidewalk, out of the path of foot traffic, or in a designated parking zone as listed above. 

“We encourage riders to not ride on sidewalks whenever possible, as bike lanes and low traffic streets are the safest. We encourage safe riding and for riders to be mindful of pedestrians,” Tirey said. 

“Pedestrians have the right of way on all sidewalks. If pedestrians are present, please walk the scooter past them or find a way to scoot by on the street.”

Though UWT will start out with two corrals, Razor says there will be daily deployment and rebalancing of scooters at the UWT parking zones. 

Tirey shares that the goal of Razor USA is to ensure students have easy access to sustainable, reliable transportation,” Tirey said.

To apply for the affordability program, visit: and follow the prompts to submit your documents. 

Razor USA encourages riders to wear a helmet and follow all street and transportation laws.