The Seattle Freeze: Are Washington residents actually that mean?

Is it the Seattle Freeze or stranger danger?

Washington is known for a lot of things. From Pike Place and the Original Starbucks to the abundance of green forests and rushing rivers, there is plenty to love about this beautiful state. But there is a side to Washington that many visitors don’t know about: The Seattle Freeze. 

The Seattle Freeze is something that many who are just visiting or just moving to Washington may be unaware of, especially if it’s your first time visiting. Many visitors have said the residents of Washington are cold and distant. But why may this be?

Washington has a very long and dark history of serial killers. From Gary Ridgway a.k.a. The Green River Killer to the infamous Ted Bundy, Washington is not short on serial killers. Surely having these attacks occurring for years caused Washington residents to adapt to a new way of life. 

“The term ‘serial killer’ means a series of three or more killings, not less than one of which was committed within the United States, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors.” (FBI)

Both Ridgway and Bundy used tactics that involved taking advantage of people’s empathy when it comes to helping those in distress. After many years living in fear, the residents of Washington state seem to have adopted social tactics to protect themselves from these kinds of people and their vicious attacks. 

It can be argued that these tactics come off somewhat abrasive and distant. Washington residents don’t smile at others walking on the street, they don’t stop for a conversation with a stranger, and they don’t generally stop to help someone in distress. 

In a TikTok posted by user @seyenne, she talks about another video posted by someone who was very upset about the way many Washington residents are. In the video, she was discussing a man who had come across someone laying on the street and how no one was stopping to help him or check in on him. 

She goes on to discuss that not only is it not uncommon to see people laying in the street, but we also have no idea what the situation is. Seattle is one of the highest sex trafficking cities in the U.S. so women have to be on high alert just walking down the street. It’s sad that this is something that has had to become more normalized, but it is the truth. 

As a result of Bundy and Ridgways actions, Seattle and its residents have been forever changed. So next time you’re on a trip to Seattle, don’t expect a warm welcome. 

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