It’s soup season in Tacoma

Go check out some of the best soups available in Tacoma.

The best thing about autumn is that it’s officially soup season.

I’m a soup gal. I eat soup at least once a week. I bring it as my lunch and microwave it in Tupperware. I can eat it for dinner every night and not get bored. I have made it in a Crock-ot and I have made it over a campfire. I love almost every soup I encounter.

I am not the only soup lover at UWT. I recently interviewed several UWT students asking their opinions on soup. Halanna Williams, a junior majoring in psychology and creative writing, said that she likes homemade soup the best, but if she had to choose, her favorite soup would be the pho from Pho Bac in Seattle. Jai’Shon Berry, a senior majoring in communication, said that “Soup is best fresh and homemade from your mom or grandma.” Johnny Doan, a senior majoring in information technology said that he agreed with Jai’Shon, and also that “soups with noodles are the best.”

There is still something about restaurant-made soup that hits the spot after a long day of studying. This week, I am excited to introduce to you what I consider the top five soups available for purchase in Tacoma.

#5 Infinite Soups – all soups

Infinite Soups should have a place on every “top soups of Tacoma” list. Their soups change daily, and every soup I’ve had here satisfied my soup craving. Their range of variety is incredible: they’ve made everything from matzo ball soup to vegan coconut curried potato soup. It’s a cash-only establishment and doesn’t have much in terms of seating, but their soup is so good that it’s worth eating immediately while sitting on the curb outside. Check their Facebook page where they post their daily soups and hours of operation.

#4 Duke’s Seafood  – Clam Chowder

Duke’s Seafood is an upscale seafood restaurant located on the Tacoma Waterfront serving up the best clam chowder in Tacoma. Although it’s spendier than other soups on this list, the richness of the chowder ensures you feel full after a single cup. While other clam chowders seem to be more chowder than clam, Duke’s clam chowder has savory clam pieces in every bite. It’s herbier than other clam chowders and is rounded out with potatoes and celery. 

#3 Tom Kha Gai – Thai Pepper

Thai Pepper is a family-run restaurant in downtown Tacoma, and they serve up an excellent tom kha soup. Tom kha gai is a creamy coconut broth soup made with lemongrass, ginger, chili and other spices. It’s citrusy, nutty, and sweet yet sour and savory. Thai Pepper’s tom kha gai is stocked with mushrooms, and for a little extra you can get a generous portion of chicken breast. I like to order mine with some rice on the side. This soup is super filling and doesn’t make you feel sleepy after eating.

#2  Kotteri Tonkotsu – Moshi Moshi

Located in the Stadium District tucked next to Ball Autosales and Service is Moshi Moshi, a true hidden gem. If your idea of ramen comes from a packet at the grocery store, Moshi Moshi will set you straight. Thin, wavy noodles are served in a rich pork and black garlic oil broth so complex I could sip a mug of it all by itself. It’s served with ajitama (soft boiled marinated egg) and pork chashu.

I like to get mine with an extra onsen tamago and stir the custardy egg into the broth. The generous portion of scallions sprinkled on top give a bright flavor to this soup. Having a bowl of this soup feels like sinking into a warm candle-lit bath. Cup Noodles could never.

#1:Ph? Gà – La Cà Bar

Last, but certainly not least, this soup is so good that even thinking about it makes my mouth water. I once ordered it as takeout three times in one week as a coping mechanism to get through finals week. In my opinion, the best chicken-and-noodles soup that you can find in Tacoma is the Ph? Gà from La Cà Bar. Located off of 6th Avenue next to Mary Mart and across from The Red Hot, La Cà Bar serves up delicious upscale Vietnamese street food. Although their menu offers a large array of vegan and vegetarian options, it is the perfect simplicity of their Ph? Gà that keeps me coming back for more. The soup is made up of thin rice noodles and chicken breast served in a silky, savory, aromatic broth. It’s served steaming hot with a hardboiled egg, cilantro, jalapenos, green and white onions, bean sprouts, Thai basil, and a lemon wedge – add hoisin and sriracha to taste. This soup warms both the body and soul – I consider it to be the best comfort food money can buy in Tacoma.