This year’s new registered student organizations

The 2021-22 school year saw the birth of multiple student clubs and organizations that intend to carry on into the next school year.

UW Tacoma is home to over 100 registered student organizations and clubs that provide students with opportunities to engage with the Tacoma community, connect with alumni and possible job opportunities or simply interact with their fellow classmates. While some organizations did not return for the 2021-22 school year, others were created. 

One of the new clubs created this year was the “Bark No Bite” Public Speaking Club, a club that was formed with the intention of encouraging students to practice and improve on their public speaking. Their meetings are held at the University Y in room UWY 307 on Mondays.

The Wordlings Club, which is a literary-based organization that encourages creativity, is also new this year. The group meetings take place in the Tacoma Paper and Stationery building in TPS 110 every Tuesday where they share weekly prompts and readings.

“I would say my experience running a club,” Elijah Prater, the president of Wordlings said when asked about his experiences, “…can be summed up by us doing and attending as many events as we can, because the hardest part about reviving the club hasn’t been managing everything, but instead getting new members in the first place.”

Another new club that was formed this last school year is the Formerly Incarcerated Students Association (FISA) which was made to support the people, programs and priorities of the formerly incarcerated student community. Their main goals are to create a community for such students to improve retention, degree completion and to make a positive impact on the campus and community. These meetings are held in the University Y as well in room UWY 105. 

For students with an interest not supported by one of the organizations on campus, however, there are steps to create one of their own, although all new organizations require to have five currently enrolled UW Tacoma students to serve as officers, a UW Tacoma faculty or staff member willing to serve as an advisor and must create a written constitution for the organization. 

Approved clubs need to have at least two officers attend orientation sessions held throughout the school year or at Club Camp, a program held in mid-September each year. Along with Club Camp, Student Involvement hosts a variety of events for and alongside student organizations including involvement fairs, a block party, and others. 

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