Abella Pizzeria or Zeeks: The Ledger staff is split

Zeeks pizza is the best pizza near UWT and I will die on this hill.

There has been a huge debate in The Ledger office recently. It all started with a debate between the website editor and layout manager, Morgan Morgans and me about the best pizza place near campus. This has led to several heated discussions and snide comments, always done with love of course.

So, I write this to decide once and for all which pizza place by campus is better: Abella Pizzeria or Zeeks. 

In total transparency, I had never had Abella’s before pitching this article idea but- and hear me out here- I’d already tried Zeeks and fallen in love. I have since tried Abella’s and I defend my position.

I also got as close to the same pizza as possible. I love Zeeks chicken club pizza with no red onions so I got Abella’s chicken bacon ranch pizza. Both of these pizzas have very similar ingredients but Zeeks has in addition to bacon, chicken and ranch, spinach and red onions.

Before I explain my reasoning for my position I would like to say that both pizza places are very good and this article is only made for fun and in jest. 

Abella’s is good and in fact, most of The Ledger staff and their friends prefer it over Zeeks. In fact, on a tally made on The Ledger whiteboard for Ledger staff, Zeeks polled at two tallies and Abella’s had five tallies.

In addition to this, a poll put on the Ledger Instagram account came out to be 14 votes for Abella’s and 8 for Zeeks. Which isn’t as bad a loss as I thought it would be. 

But here is why I disagree with that ruling. 

For one, the pizzas themselves are similar but still have their differences.

The pizza I order at Zeeks comes with spinach already on it whereas Abella’s considers spinach an add-on and it costs about a dollar more. Though the Abella’s pizza isn’t super expensive, I am of the opinion that spinach shouldn’t be a dollar to add to a small pizza. 

In addition to this, Abella’s ranch is not my favorite. It feels like a bland ranch to me. I also prefer the way that Zeeks presents their ranch, they put it on the side whereas Abella Pizzeria doesn’t.

Though Zeeks does get a mark off for frequently forgetting that I don’t want red onions on my pizza. This could be a serious issue for someone who has an allergy and if they don’t notice the ingredient on their pizza.

Abella’s wins in pricing though. When I go to Zeeks, my pizza and tip comes out to around $22. I went to Abella’s and it was around $17. Abella’s small pizzas are 10 inches and Zeeks are 9 inches which may not seem like much but getting more for cheaper is a big win for Abella’s.

By my count, this is two wins for Zeeks and two wins for Abella’s. So, the tiebreaker is up to you, which one do you think is better?

Ultimately, my opinion doesn’t really matter. These are both really good pizza places that are close to campus and relatively affordable.