The benefits of community engagement

The Husky Volunteers is a service in which students can give back to their communities as they help out in various ways.

The Husky Volunteers is a program about community engagement meant to provide opportunities and encouragement to students who seek volunteer services.

Volunteer services can be found through UWT programs and can be done on and off campus. The services of the program include unpaid work at non-profit organizations, clubs or groups. 

To honor a student’s volunteer service, three service medallions are available depending on the student’s amount of hours. For 100 hours students will receive a silver medal, while students achieving 200 receive a purple medal and students accomplishing over 300 hours receive a gold medal. 

Some off-campus opportunities include the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pudget Sound, Catholic Community Services, Emergency Food Network, Lemay America’s Car Museum and the Tacoma Public Library. 

These particular services develop students’ skills in retail merchandising, customer service, as well as providing one-on-one mentoring for little boys and girls, while engaging in community aid such as helping low income eldery and disabled adults. 

“Get out there and show husky pride,” are words of encouragement from Jeremy Tirador, a student center coordinator who motivates students to participate in the program.

As students give back to the communities, they take part in actively engaging with the community in ways they have not before along with making a difference.

“It’s fun and you can engage with the community. You get to know the community,” Tirador said, describing engaging with the community and how the program helps students meet new people.

To sign up for volunteer services, students must complete orientation offered at the start of the quarter or can schedule an appointment with volunteer coordinator Gabriella Romero. Afterwards students then register their hours along with completing reflections about their experiences and engagement for graduation to receive their service medallions. 

To schedule an appointment for orientation with volunteer coordinator, Gabriella Romero:

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