DawgDen shop open for end-of-the-year orders

The DawgDen is once again opening orders for students who have racked up points attending various campus programs throughout the school year.

On May 1 the DawgDen, UW Tacoma’s central hub for registered student organizations, allowed students to begin submitting order forms for their Dawg Bones program. The DawgDen is a group management software that aids in keeping the general UWT community connected and allows students to get involved on campus and within a community. 

The main online hub for the DawgDen, found online at, allows students to view and connect to the various registered organizations at UWT, view upcoming events hosted around campus and turn in collected points — known as Dawg Bones — for prizes and entries into giveaways. 

The Dawg Bones event is, like the DawgDen, sponsored by Student Involvement. Created as an incentive program to encourage students to attend on-campus events and get involved, students are able to earn points through the program by attending events and meetings, joining student organizations, completing social media challenges @UWTInvolvement on Instagram and various other means detailed on their web pages. 

Vi Whitmarsh, a CSI assistant and member of the Dawg Bones project team, was able to comment on the program and some of the specifics. 

“The Dawg Bones shop is open for the final time this year from May 2 to June 2,” Whitmarsh explained, “If you’ve attended any events on campus (including speaker panels, RSO meetings/events and more) then you’ve earned points for your time. You can spend them on prizes like giveaway entries for a hoodie or beanie, a water bottle, notebooks, lanyards, and more. However, all earned DawgBones for the 2021-2022 year will expire on June 2, so be sure to spend them before then.”

Prizes can be purchased with points both online and across campus. Until June 3 students can stop by the Center for Student Involvement and complete the order forms at the front desk and receive their items immediately, at one of the various pop-up shops that will be available around campus — advertised through the Student Involvement Instagram — or submit orders online. 

Online orders will be reviewed by Student Involvement staff members before prizes are gathered and students are emailed on when their prizes are available for pick-up. Prizes can be picked up at the Center of Student Involvement located in UWY 107 at the University Y on campus. 

Available items from the Dawg Bones shop include buttons, notebooks, hand sanitizer, aluminum water bottles, and sweatshirt and beanie giveaways. Some items are more exclusive than others due to quantity and are available through giveaway only. Students are able to use their points within the giveaway multiple times. 

General information on the Dawg Bones program can be found at:  

More information on the Dawg Bones program and the prizes that can be won can be found at:

Students can find the ordering form at the following link, but will need their UW IDs to access the form:  Any students with questions on the program about how to order prizes or the DawgDen in general can email the Center for Student Involvement at