New changes for the UW Tacoma Copy and Mail Center

Similar to when their services changed during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the UWT Copy and Mail Center is once again altering their services to no longer include printing services.

Located in Mattress Factory 053, the UW Tacoma Copy and Mail Center on campus has announced that they are in talks that could end with them no longer offering printing services for faculty, a decision that could take place after Spring Quarter. 

As spoken about in a previous Ledger article “UW Tacoma Copy Center Q&A” by Luke Denuelle written in Nov. 2020, there have been many updates and changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with changes to instruction both on and off-campus. This decision is the latest change for the center. 

The Copy and Mail Center’s services have included such things as: copying, color printing, poster printing and shipping services for students, faculty and staff. In addition, they produce and sell Course Packs, which tend to be printed collections of teacher-assembled readings to supplement courses. 

As teaching continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many professors found themselves moving towards providing digital access and forgoing paper copies altogether in many cases. Other professors, however, continue to rely on paper copies as part of their teaching, assessment and coursework. 

James Sinding, the Program Operations Manager largely responsible for Copy Center operations, was available to answer questions regarding the changes. He prefaced that any final decisions or changes to the reduction of copy services has yet to be made and they are still working on details and addressed concerns. 

Q: What date will this change take effect? 

A: Any changes in copy/print services wouldn’t happen until after the Spring quarter, most likely over July or August.

 Q: Will printing services be the only service that is discontinued or will there be others? 

A: Copy/print services would be the only service removed if a decision is made.

Q: What services remain available for students and staff? 

A: With the changes in operation, we would build out Mailing & Receiving Services that would better fit the campus incoming/outgoing mail and parcels. With pallet racks and stackers for better storage and access, software for tracking incoming packages.

Q: Will any shipping services be affected by this change?

A: No.

While the discontinuing of printing services for faculty won’t affect all students on campus, especially those focused on digital classes and learning, it will have consequences on those with in-person classes or students who work with on-campus jobs. 

The lack of printing services could lead to professors needing to look elsewhere to make copies in bulk for teaching documents, especially in cases for short-notice assignments where there is typically a two-week turnaround for copies from the UW Seattle campus. Students, as well, will need to find elsewhere when it comes to compiling and collecting any Course Packs or printing of posters they might need. 

Those who wish to know more information about current services or alternatives to copies in case the decision goes through can email the Copy Center at