Spring career and internship fair returns to UWT

The second of two bi-annual career fairs, April 19-21 will see the return of the UWT Career Fairs that allow for students to expand their career options.

The Spring 2022 Career Fairs have returned to the UW Tacoma Campus and will be running three days this week beginning on April 19. The Career Fairs, which is preceded by varying workshops UW hosts in order to aid students in honing their resumes and work skills, allow students an opportunity to connect with multiple employers. 

Organized by the Career Development & Education department, the Career Fairs allow for businesses and employers to seek out students who are searching for full-time employment, part-time employment or internships. 

“Our bi-annual Career & Internship Fair is an opportunity for all students to network with employers representing various industries,” the Career Development & Education department explains on the Handshake listing for one of the three internship fairs, “This fair is an opportunity to make connections with employers and students, to develop your personal brand, and to learn about available job and internship opportunities.”

All three of the Career Fairs will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the All Industries and Technology fairs taking place in William W. Philip Hall whereas the Virtual Career fair will take place online and will be hosted on the Handshake Career Fair platform.

The All Industries fair will take place on April 19 and have multiple employers in attendance covering fields such as healthcare, transportation, law-enforcement and various non-profit organizations. Students can register to attend this event at 

The Technology Career Fair, taking place the next day on April 20, will have employers offering a focus on technology-heavy fields such as  manufacturing, internet and software. Students can register to attend this event at 

The Virtual Career Fair will be held online through the Handshake platform on April 21. Various employers in attendance will have offices stationed out-of-state with a greater focus on 1:1 meetings. Students will be able to register and attend by signing up at 

Each page guides students through a full list of employers that will be available at the events and registrations will be open until the end of the events. Students who wish to register must have a Handshake account, which is free to create. 

Students interested in attending are encouraged to have recent copies of their resumes, updated contact information and any relevant portfolios if applicable. 

Those interested in further details or with questions can contact the Career Development & Education center at