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The Ledger is Hiring

By: Remi Frederick

Have you ever wanted to write for your school newspaper? Here’s your chance. The University of Washington Tacoma’s school newspaper, The Tacoma Ledger, is interviewing for several positions that start in mid-spring going into summer.

The job openings are in a variety of areas which work together to produce The Ledger. There will be at least an opinion writer position, a film critic, an illustrator, a managing editor, a web and layout manager, managing editor and even a page designer.

“We are a very open and diverse group. We encourage any and all talent levels of writing and we love the various stories from various voices,” said Madeline Hiller, The Ledger’s editor-in-chief.

Hiller said that they will know the positions for sure by the beginning of spring quarter. 

Madi Williams the managing editor of The Ledger said that the hours per week depend on what position you are in. Writers can get around 10 hours whereas photographers and illustrators’ hours can range depending on the week and how much work is sent their way.

The pay starts at minimum wage, which is $14.49 in Washington, and goes up depending on what the position is.

“I like to think we’re nice people to work with. I was hired as a freshman and The Ledger was my community, family, and friends. If you enjoy writing and want to make friends, The Ledger is the place to be,” Hiller said. 

Williams said that one piece of advice she has for potential candidates is to show interest in the position they are applying for. 

“Saying more while answering a question is better than saying not enough,” Williams said. 

Hiller had one last thought to all who may be considering applying. She said to not be afraid to apply.

“The Ledger very quickly became my family, and I don’t think I would have made it through college without my Ledger team,” Hiller said. “We are a very open and diverse group. We encourage any and all talent levels of writing and we love the various stories from various voices.” 

You can apply on the hiring platform that the university uses, called Handshake. All you have to do is login with your UWT NetID and search for the UWT Center for Student Involvement which is the account that the Ledger posts its job openings under.

Daniel Nash, the faculty advisor for The Ledger, says that working for a student newspaper is beneficial not just for hopeful journalists but also for designers and photographers.

“A lot of the teaching and learning process for undergraduate students revolves around pushing up the level of complexity they deal with, by introducing them to complex ideas and accepted jargon in their field of study,” Nash said.