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Why you should watch Netflix’s newest anime “The Orbital Children”

Be on the lookout for more seasons of “The Orbital Children” on Netflix.

“The Orbital Children” is a story that takes place in the year of 2045. It follows five children who are on a space station named  Anshin. Of the five children, two were born and raised entirely in space. They are the last two of the total 15 children born in space. The rest of the crew includes the caretaker of the two space children, the mascot of the space station and three astronauts who maintain and control Anshin.

With only six episodes, “The Orbital Children” takes you through an entire story that will satisfy most watchers. The type of audience who are more likely to enjoy this show are people who are fascinated with either the topic of space or the topic of advanced artificial intelligence. This is because the main setting of the show is in space, and because the topic of artificial intelligence is a main driving point of the plot. 

The show starts with an introduction of the main character, Touya, who holds a dissenting opinion of Earth and its people. He  meets three children from Earth who are on Anshin for a tour when after a while, something exposes everyone onboard Anshin to a threatening situation. This situation will not only affect them but the entire population of Earth. Will this experience change how Touya thinks about both Earth and its people?

Besides the story of this show, the music and visuals are enough for someone to sit through and watch the entire thing in one sitting. With only six episodes that span only 30 minutes each, the entire series can be binged in only three hours. Whenever an important scene is happening on screen, the music heightens the viewer’s immersion in the background. There are also scenes that make your eyes glued to the screen because they are just that remarkable. This is especially true near the end of the series, when the main characters are at another level of the human psyche.

This story follows the main cast as they try to escape the major threat they have been exposed to. Will they be able to make it out alive? You can find out by watching this short but visually stunning show on Netflix. Although this might not be a show for everyone because of the topics the story revolves around, it is one that should be given a chance by anyone looking for a brand-new show to watch in 2022.

Star Review: 3.5\5
[Exclusively streamed on Netflix]