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“Zenith: The Last City” is a VR experience you wouldn’t want to miss

“Zenith: The Last City” will pave the path to success for all future VR MMOs

“Zenith: The Last City” is a recent VR massive multiplayer online (MMO) that has launched on Oculus, Playstation VR and SteamVR. It is inspired by both anime and Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), with the massively popular “Sword Art Online” as a large inspiration. This can be seen in the game with its use of sword skills and magic skills that players can use in the world of Zenith.

Exploration is a large part of the game. The world of Zenith is a large, open world that players can explore to their heart’s content. There are places like small towns all the way to snow-capped mountains. In this world, you can run, climb and glide! Running is simple, but climbing and gliding just adds another level of immersion into the game. To do these actions, the player must be in the correct position. For climbing, you use your arms to climb up walls by holding and letting go of the grab button. To glide, the player has to find a place high enough to glide and extend their arms to the side, as if the player is making their body into the shape of a ‘T’.

The game’s combat system consists of two classes: the blade master and the essence mage. The one you pick will have an effect on how you play the game. The blade master will of course be up close and personal, but will require the player to have a larger play space as you will be swinging your arms around to land attacks on enemies. The essence mage will require less space since there is no need for swinging your arms around to land attacks and instead you fire off spells from a range. Having enough space is one thing you should keep in mind when you start the game. 

The most important part of this game is its multiplayer capabilities. This is what makes the game an MMO, a massive multiplayer online game. In “Zenith: The Last City” you can party with friends and explore the world, raid dungeons and get better loot to make yourself stronger and do it all over again. The stronger you get, the more difficult dungeons you can explore, meaning the better loot you get. This is what makes the game one you can play for hours on end. If you are diving into the game by yourself, you can meet others who are in the same situation and make some new friends.

“Zenith: The Last City” is going to be one game that will keep players occupied as their official YouTube stated “We’ll be focused solely on Zenith development for years to come as we continue expanding and growing ‘live-service’, massive world and game in so many different ways” in reply to a comment on their launch date trailer. This gives players the hope that the game will be ever evolving and will always provide them with things to do.