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King Princess releases single “Little Bother”

Something new to listen to while you wait for their long-awaited next album.

King Princess, with a well-known discography including LGBTQ+ anthems like “1950” and “Hit the Back,” has released a fresh single for 2022. The song, titled “Little Bother feat. Fousheé,” is a stylistic departure from earlier works, such as their 2019 album “Cheap Queen.” This comes as an exciting signal as King Princess took to Instagram earlier this week, inviting fans to ask questions about their long-awaited upcoming album. 

The Brooklyn-based artist, who also goes by Mikaela Straus, is known for their strong songwriting and range of styles, pushing the boundaries of pop with futuristic singles like “Only Time Makes it Human” and “PAIN.” Straus’ new releases have signaled that the King Princess dance pop era may be at its end, with heavy guitars and anthemic choruses in the 2021 single, “House Burn Down.” Their collaboration with Fousheé, whose single “deep end” went viral on TikTok in 2020, is both delightful and unexpected as Straus hasn’t historically collaborated with many artists beyond producer Mark Ronson. 

“Little Bother” combines the best of Straus’ previous hits with a electronic rock sound. With distorted backing guitar and an energetic build throughout the song, the tones pair well with the iconic King Princess electronic drums and pulsing bass sound. Uniquely, Straus finds a balance between having clear, upfront vocals and adding futuristic effects, like swelling, autotuned harmonies in the chorus. With lyrics like “I’m screwed from a past life and that’s why I lost you” along with “I guess I’ll see you around, you’re a little bother,” the song is undoubtedly a reflective and moody 2022 anthem.

As we all wait patiently for King Princess’ next album, which reportedly was being mixed in August (Audacy), listen to “Little Bother” and take a deep dive into Straus’ vast collection of forgotten singles and obscure cover songs. 

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