College student guide to self care during a pandemic

Students on campus share their experience and offer advice on how to self care during these trying times.

UW Tacoma students are almost halfway through their winter quarter and have found themselves facing a burnout. Self-care has now become an unfamiliar practice to college students, especially when trying to avoid testing positive for COVID-19. For those not aware, self-care can look different for everyone, but self-care is the focus of stress relieving and self pampering practices.

The Ledger got to speak with criminal justice major Cameron Lawson. Lawson enjoys hanging out with friends and practicing gymnastics. The Ledger asked Lawson to share how he practices self-care during a pandemic.

“Doing my hair at least once a week and taking time to take care of my skin on a daily basis,” Lawson said.

Lawson stresses the importance of starting off simple to build a routine that should be implemented daily. The Ledger additionally asked Lawson to share advice to underclassmen for starting to practice self-care.

“Set aside time out of the day to do self-care in whatever way you feel comfortable doing it,” he said.

After graduating UWT, Lawson plans to move to Seattle and pursue a career in social work within the criminal justice system.

Vaimoana “Moana” Mau was asked to share her self-care routine. Mau is a first-year student who enjoys playing volleyball, going to UWT events, and hanging out with friends. 

“Usually I do my hair and makeup if I need a break from everything,” Mau said, “I take time for myself, and I practice dancing when I am stressed. I also take time for myself to reflect and decide if there are things I need to change or adjust to help myself in the future.”

Mau encourages students to get in touch with their peers because it can help ease stress and form connections when students interact with each other. The Ledger asked Mau to share some tips for her peers. 

“Try different things that will help your stress levels go down,” Mau said. “If you can’t find anything, try talking to people. People can offer advice or give you some self care tips. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk to people.” 

Self-care can be a difficult concept for students who do not know where to start. UWT offers PAWS, which is the Psychological & Wellness Services offered to students attending classes.

“Psychological & Wellness Services provides confidential crisis, individual, and group counseling; educational workshops and classroom presentations; consultation for students, faculty, staff, and student families; and referrals (when appropriate) to community mental health and social service providers and other UWT student services and resources,” says the website. 

Students can  take advantage of the resource; especially when feeling overwhelmed by academic stresses, personal issues, or just need someone to listen.