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What to listen to this holiday season

Music is a big part of the holiday mood

During the holidays, everyone’s music taste changes for the occasion. There are songs for those who celebrate Christmas and for those who don’t but still want to be in the holiday spirit. Which songs should you listen to this year?

For those who want Christmas music, you cannot go wrong with “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.” This song has been covered by many people throughout the years and rightfully so, as it is a perfect song to get you in the Christmas mood. To highlight a few, Michael Bublé’s version as well as Perry Como’s version will both get you into the Christmas spirit.

Another Christmas song to listen to is “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams. It is great to listen to right after Thanksgiving as it will make you think of the upcoming holidays, which makes this song perfect for the start of the season.

When “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey is trending once again, you will know it’s the Christmas season. There is a reason for its yearly trend, and that is because the song fits the genre of holiday and love so well. Even if you aren’t looking for love this upcoming Christmas, this song has become a tradition for many when it comes to Christmas music and is a must-play for everyone who celebrates.

For those who don’t celebrate Christmas but still want to listen to festive music, “Let It Snow!” is a great listen as it is a song that was made just for the wintertime. It makes everyone think about the possible snowfall for the upcoming season. It has many covers, some of which stand out from the rest include Frank Sinatra’s version and Michael Bublé’s version. 

Another great song to listen to is “Home For The Holidays” by Perry Como. Although it is in a Christmas album byComo, this song has no ties to Christmas and can be enjoyed by anyone. This song is great for those who travel back home to their families for the wintertime.

Surprisingly, “Winter Wonderland” is another song that seems like it would be for Christmas but there are no ties to the actual holiday. Rather, the song is about the wintertime and it does a great job expressing it as well. While there are many covers of the song, some that are too good to not listen to would include Dean Martin’s version and Bing Crosby’s version.