The ASUWT: What It’s About and How to Get Involved

The ASUWT provides an avenue for students to voice their concerns and opinions over a variety of campus issues such as parking, safety, and housing.

Some students that frequent the UWT Y in the past may have noticed a lot of bustling activity around UWY 107, the Center for Student Involvement, which is also home to the Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma (ASUWT). The mission of the ASUWT is “to provide student representation, advocacy, and involvement,” by “representing and promoting student interests, needs, and welfare, providing for the expression of student opinion and interests, and assisting the University in providing physical and social environments that are student centered”. 

Jada Simpson, a multimedia specialist for ASUWT, says that, “ASUWT from what I understand, are the student government for the school. They support and advocate and adhere to students’ concerns about campus and community environment as well as financial environment. They advocate student voices to the admin, city and state in order to meet student needs at the university level.”

At the ASUWT, there are many team members and key positions that they hold, most of which are students. On the executive board as the Director of University Affairs, we have Jai’Shon Berry who is responsible for communicating with the student body and initiating projects for campus improvement, and we also have Albert Richardson who is the Director of Outreach and is responsible for communicating with other organizations and giving students opportunities to communicate concerns to the executive board. On the senate, there are a variety of positions representing students of different majors offered by the University.

“I think having this student body helps students feel like they can make a change or make a difference on campus and that their voice is heard,” Jada continues. 

With an increasing physical presence on campus since the pandemic began, there has also been an increase in criminal incidents (sign up for safety alerts here: so improved campus safety, as well as accommodations for housing and support for food access and childcare are some issues on the agenda for the ASUWT.

Jada notes, for students who may be reserved about getting involved, that “ASUWT offers positions that don’t just deal with politics but deal with advocating for student wellness also. Some of these include, hired positions, Senators and Director level positions. Most of the positions are centered around student advocacy.  It helps to raise awareness and their voices. How are we as students able to help other students if we do not know what they need and how to best support them? ASUWT is one of the best organizations if you want to make a difference on campus and to help and support other students.”

For more information on how to get involved, visit the CSI in UWY 107 or head to the ASUWT’s website: