What’s upcoming for our Library

The Snoqualmie building construction has extended past their original projection, here’s what you need to know going forward.

This article has been updated to change “Snoqualmie Library” to “Snoqualmie building”

The Snoqualmie building is going through heavy construction work that’s extended past the online learning period. However, starting Winter Quarter, students will find a variety of brand new facilities and community features, spanning from research help and study assistance to a community kitchen and meditation room.

Having been closed since March 17th of 2020, the Snoqualmie Library in particular has been under construction since May of this year, and despite the original opening projection of September, in time for Fall Quarter to begin, the construction has taken longer. Supply chain difficulties prevent a hard date from being set; it’s projected to finish in time for Winter Quarter, according to Dr. Annie Downey, the Associate Dean of University Libraries, and the Director of the Tacoma Campus Libraries.

While it’s under construction, students won’t miss out on any necessities, as all of the Snoqualmie building’s standard services are being handled by the Tioga Library, whose own renovation was finished earlier this year.

Additionally, the Teaching and Learning Quantitative Center has begun offering services in what is available in the Snoqualmie Building, with students merely needing to check into the Tioga Library first-floor desk to access it.

And that’s not all, when construction finishes students can look forward to a renovated and renewed space, a co-location for the Research Help Desk and TLC Writing Center services which Downey says shall “allow us to offer services that naturally go together to students in the same space.”

Dr. Downey also is excited for the new Makerspace coming to the Snoqualmie library, which shall offer “laser printers, 3D printers, sewing machines, tools, maker classes, and so much more.”

The renovations will also bring forth The Center for Equity and Inclusion to the Snoqualmie Library, which will not only offer a community kitchen and classroom, but also a meditation room and space meant for collaboration, all of which will facilitate many new programs. 

“As a responsive student-focused organization, the Library is committed to providing services that meet students’ current needs. As we’ve returned to in-person classes, we are relearning and adapting to how students’ study and work habits and needs have changed and/or stayed the same.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements and news regarding the Library in the future, including about Grand Opening events at the start of Winter Quarter.

At this time, the Tioga Library is open from 7:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m, Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m on Friday, with curbside pickup available by appointment from 12 p.m to 4 p.m on Weekends, along with the library website being available for research assistance 24/7.