Skip the delivery fee, here are food options right on Campus.

For new and returning students alike, it’s important to know just where you can get some good food while on Campus.

Coauthored by: Nickolus Patraszewski

Being a college student is hard enough as it is, and worrying about food is just one more concern to add to the pile. Luckily, one shining feature of the University of Washington-Tacoma campus is it’s plethora of food options within its walls and within easy walking distance. To help you out as you’re navigating campus, here’s a few suggestions to try out for this Autumn Quarter:

The Pantry: While it may not be a restaurant, we can’t understate the convenience of The Pantry. Located in DOU 104 on the Western side of campus, The Pantry is a free resource for groceries available to any and all students. Stocked with essentials and non-perishables to get you through the day, along with providing alternative meal options for students’ needs, including Halal and Kosher products. You can go to their website at https://www.tacoma.uw.edu/thepantry and schedule an order for quick and easy pick-up.

Metro Coffee: If you are looking for a hole in the wall experience with coffee look no further than Metro Coffee. They not only have coffee and tea but also pastries, and you will be supporting a local business! It can be found just above the Prairie Line Trail going up the stairs towards the big W. Prices will range from $2 – $4 depending on size.

Hot Rod Dog:  Connected to BHS Building on Pacific Ave, Hot Rod Dog has delicious hot dogs and sausages with plenty of condiments to shake it up. With the average price being just $3.60 for the hot dog itself, and the side options not being any pricier, it’s a good stop for a quick and affordable lunch.

Starbucks: Right on Pacific Ave. connected to the bookstore is the Pacific Northwest’s favorite coffee company Starbucks. They offer online pick up so if you are in a rush and in need of a quick pick me up on your way to class Starbucks is the way to go.

Anthem: Another great coffee shop near campus, Anthem’s spacious, outlet-filled seating area along with the chill vibes of downtown, makes for a wonderful stop for students. For prices, expect anywhere from $3 – $5 for coffee, and $4 – $7 for the food, depending on what you grab.

Abella’s: Located on Pacific Ave, toward the East side of campus, Abella’s is a small and lively Pizzeria with big portions and big flavor, with plenty of entree options. For non-pizza options, prices range from $7 – $10. For Pizza, you’ll find it to be around $13 for a small (10-inch), $18 for a medium (14-inch), and $21 for a large (16-inch).

Zeeks Pizza: On the other side of campus, we have Zeeks Pizza. A more modern pizzeria, Zeeks is no less delicious and has a good amount of options for toppings, sauces, and drinks. For prices, expect about the same as you’d find at Abella’s, with about a $2 – $5 increase depending on toppings and ingredients.

Subway: Located on Pacific Ave. at the bottom of the stairs to your right is everyone’s known sandwich place is Subway. You can’t go wrong with a classic that everyone knows.

Jimmy John’s: The beloved sandwich chain has its own locale near campus on Pacific Ave., with all the good food that’s expected of it. For prices, expect to pay between $8 – $12 depending on what you get, and what you add.

Senergo: If you are looking for a filling smoothie after a workout at the Y or after class Senergo can be found on Pacific Ave. right by Abellas. Prices will range from $7 – $9.

Pho Thanks Brother: Located right on Pacific Ave. With a wide array of Pho, Teriyaki, Appetizers and Rice dishes, it’s a must-try for students. For prices, you’ll pay around $12 for the entrees, and around $5 for any of the delicious appetizers. https://www.restaurantji.com/wa/tacoma/pho-than-brothers-/

Bubbles Tea Shop: Needing a bubble tea after you pho? Well Bubbles Tea Shop is only a couple steps away and is affordable. Experiment with different flavors with different add-ins to find your perfect bubble tea. Prices will range from $3 – $5.

Harmon:  The Harmon is a large American restaurant with a rotating menu of delicious entrees. It’s one of the more expensive options near campus, with prices ranging from $15 – $20.

Freighthouse Square: At the end of the Link’s current line at the Tacoma Dome Station, the Freighthouse Square is home to a plethora of restaurants, each with their own type of cuisine and delicious options. Prices will vary from store to store but all stay in an affordable range for the size and quality you’ll receive.

The Spaghetti Factory: If you take the Link to Commerce Street Station and walk down to Pacific Ave. and take a left you will find the Spaghetti Factory. With a little bit higher price the  three  course dinner is something you don’t want to miss.