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Spring 2021 book releases

A series of books expected to be released this spring will provide great new reads for any bookworm.

Spring is just around the corner which means a new season of book releases. March alone is full of upcoming books and spring is a great time to discover some new reads. Below is a list of books from different genres from Booklist Queen that are expected to come out. 

“Later” by Stephen King

Yes, Stephen King released a brand new horror book on March 2. Opposed to his infamous “It” which had 1,138 pages, “Later” is one of his more modest length works at 256. This story takes place in New York where a boy was born with a supernatural ability that his mom has made him hide from the world. The NYPD discovers this as they need help with a killer who has threatened to strike again. The only problem is the killer is already dead, so it’s up to the young boy to keep the killer at bay. 

“How Beautiful We Were” by Imbolo Mbue

While this book is classified as contemporary fiction, it is about the very real problem of environmental degradation. Taking place in a fictional village in Africa, the story is told through the perspective of young children who are growing up in a dystopian world. Their pleas for cleanup and help for the sick are constantly ignored while problems, such as kids dying from contaminated drinking water, continues on. Thus, the people of the village take matters into their own hands. 

“Every Vow You Break” by Peter Swanson

This mystery/thriller novel is a classic love story gone wrong. Abigail falls for a millionaire and vows to marry him for the rest of her life, her life was perfect and now she’ll have the perfect husband to match. When her bachelorette weekend rolls around, she has a one night stand with a different guy while drunk. Abigail tries to push the events from the night out of her mind so she can focus on her marriage. That is, until this mystery man appears and insists that their one night stand meant something much more and continues to track Abigail down to try and get her to say the same.

“The Lost Village” by Camilla Sten 

Yet another mystery/thriller book is “The Lost Village.” A Documentary filmmaker named Alice decides she wants to make a film based on a village that disappeared in the late 50s. She sets out to go find the remains of the village and gather information about what really happened there. As soon as she and her friends get there, strange things — such as destruction of equipment and disappearance of people — start happening and before things get too out of hand, Alice must find the truth. 

“Lies We Bury” by Elle Marr

While this book doesn’t come out until April 1, it is still worth the wait and anticipation. Marissa Mo was born in captivity in a basement prison. Two decades ago, she managed to escape. After moving on from a majority of the childhood trauma she had faced, she obtained a job as a freelance photographer. Her newest gig dealt with a string of murders in Portland that caused Marissa to face her trauma all over again with sinisterly similar situations. Upon seeing basements and sad and broken toys left behind, it all comes flooding back to her. It isn’t until she is capturing one of the crime scenes that she gets hit with the biggest wave of trauma: a note addressed to her.