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R&R: reboots and revivals

Some of your favorite television shows may be making a comeback this year.

It is a new year, one with new triumphs and tribulations. After an exhausting year like the last, one might seek solace and comfort in familiarity. Television revivals and reboots are a great source for doing so, allowing yourself to indulge in sentimentality while embracing change. Here are some revivals set to premiere this year that will make you feel nostalgic.


HBO MAX will be rebooting the “Boondocks,” originally an Adult Swim adult animation based loosely on a comic by the same name. It will be a two season, 24 episode revival that premieres with a 50 minute special. It reimagines the life of the Freemans, a black family moving into a high-class, overtly white suburb. 

The original show provided a narrative centered around black cultural relevance and critique. The casting for Robert “Granddad” Freeman has not been announced since the death of original voice actor John Witherspoon back in 2019. 


This 90s coming-of-age franchise will be revived on Peacock as an hour long television series.  However, there is a twist, queen-bee Cher disappears leaving Dionne to fill her shoes. The series focuses on the pressure of her being the new popular girl in school and trying to unravel the mystery of what may have happened to her best friend. While the characters remain the same age, the setting is placed in a “uniquely 2020 L.A.”


America’s favorite serial killer makes it back on screen, as “Dexter” will return for a 10-episode revival on Showtime. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that these new episodes will be a continuation of the series finale to exhibit Dexter’s solidarity life as a lumberjack after his self-imposed exile. A solid date has not been set, but will tentatively premiere in fall 2021.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

In September 2020, it was announced that HBO Max ordered a two season reboot titled “Bel-Air” to stream on Peacock. Following the purchase, a reunion commentary special with the surviving cast aired the following month on HBO max. “Bel-Air” will be based around a 2016 fan-made film of the same name by Andy Cooper. The set release date has yet to be announced.


In a spin-off of the 90s MTV series “Daria,” Jodie will be navigating her first job after college at a technology company. Deadline reports that while Daria’s focus audience was Gen X, this series will be aimed at a new generation and will focus on the struggles of a first job. The show plans to satirize workplace culture and social media, as well as incorporate themes such as empowerment linked to gender and racial lines and explorations of privilege.

It has no set release date but will premiere on Comedy Central in their efforts to make an adult entertainment programming slot surrounding South Park. It is unsure if Daria will appear in this series after dropping her name from the original spin-off title, “Daria & Jodie.”


In December, TVLine reported that the streaming service Paramount+ ordered a revival of the beloved 2000s teen sitcom. Currently Jerry Trainor, Miranda Crosgrove and Nathan Kress plan on returning. However, it is uncertain if fellow co-stars Noah Munck and Jeannette McCurdy will be joining the cast.

Practical Magic

Back in August 2019, HBO Max green-lit production of “The Rules of Magic,” a prequel to the cult classic “Practical Magic” film. It will have a one hour pilot episode based on the books by Alice Hoffman. Hoffman was also signed on as an executive producer of the series. Melissa Rosenburg, known for her contributions to “Dexter,” the “Twilight” series and “Jessica Jones,” also signed on as a writer and executive producer. Casting has not been announced for the show.

Proud Family

This early 2000s animated family sitcom will return this year with a third season revival titled “Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.” The original voice actors for the beloved family: Penny, Oscar, Trudy, Uncle Benny and Sugar Momma will all be returning. Keke Palmer will also be joining the cast portraying the role of Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, a relentless 14-year old activist.

Punky Brewster

In this 10-episode revival of the 1984 NBC gritty family sitcom, the once abandoned young foster child, Punky Brewster, is now a single mother of three. She is trying to keep her life on track when she meets a girl who reminds her of her former self. Soleil Moon Frye will return as Punky Brewster as will Cherie Johnson who will play as the character named after her. It is set to air on Peacock sometime this year.


90s children, rejoice! Nickelodeon will be premiering a twenty-six episode revival of “Rugrats” with the original creative team of Klasky, Csupo and Germain. Due to a previous creative disagreement between the team, it is unknown if the setting will be updated to the current decade or continue to encapsulate the 90s.

The lineup of revivals for this upcoming year encompasses a good variety of genres and formats. One can easily find a show that fits their palette. So sit back, curl up and reminisce.