Staff spotlight: Noreen Slease

A look at the woman in charge of keeping the chancellor on track and organized.

Noreen Slease is the executive assistant and office manager to Chancellor Mark Pagano at UW Tacoma. In her role on campus, Slease is an integral part of the chancellor’s team. Slease agreed to share insight into some of her passions in her career as well as her roles on campus. When asked what the roles of the Executive Assistant are, Slease mentioned that she provides “direct, executive-level, confidential support to the chancellor.”

“This may sound a bit corny, but I am passionate about UW Tacoma,” said Slease, discussing why she likes her job. “I am so proud of our students and all of their accomplishments … I cannot imagine working anywhere other than here.” 

While talking about her non-traditional career journey before her current position on campus, Slease stated that she regretfully did not attend college. Slease began her career as a receptionist at a New York investment firm and during her journey, she wound up in different positions at various publishing companies, but did not find what she was looking for. 

“It wasn’t until I visited this beautiful state, and seeing Mt. Rainier for the first time, that I knew my journey would continue here,” Slease said. “Six months later, I became a Washingtonian. In 2001, I applied for and was offered a position at the University of Washington Tacoma as a Senior Secretary in the Office of the Chancellor”

“The rest, as they say, is history!” Slease concluded.

When asked about activities that she enjoys, she mentioned that she finds managing the chancellor’s calendar to be quite enjoyable. 

“In some aspects, it’s like putting a puzzle together by ensuring that all the pieces fit,” Slease explained.

She also talked a bit about how her son, who is a math major at the Seattle campus and will be graduating in the spring. With this in mind, Slease offered some advice that she hopes will encourage UWT students and that some might even take to heart: 

“While I cannot provide advice in the capacity of ever being an undergraduate student, I can provide advice from life experiences. Quite simply, never sell yourself short, and reach for the stars!”