Campus Life

Spring Fling Missed Connections

As spring quarter nears its end and summer gets closer, the weather isn’t the only thing heating up on campus. This quarter, a few UWT students have shared their would-be love stories (perhaps in hopes of that special someone picking up the paper). These are their anonymous tes­timonies.


I always see you in the mornings at the YMCA up on Jefferson Street. Every time I see you, you’re always going harder than any other person in there it seems like. I only go there like three times a week but every morning I go you are always there. You are the one with your hair always in a braid and practicing squats. I just wanted to say if you want somebody to run with up­stairs I’m game. I would like to get to know you. Maybe take you out on a date sometime. You are gorgeous and you work hard in the gym, that’s pretty awe­some. I will be at the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning next week if you want to meet up.


So you work at the WCG store on campus. I think your name is Mike or Michael. I was just getting a snack the other day — like a salad or something. I think I had you in one of my math classes. You’re kind of cute. I haven’t talked to you a whole bunch but I wouldn’t mind if you asked me out. I saw you leave campus one day and you have a really nice car. That just shows that you are pretty successful. I like that! I haven’t dated in a while but if you wanted to take me out to dinner I wouldn’t be opposed to it!


Most of the time I see you, you are in a UWT shirt doing something for ASUWT. You are the super cute Asian girl. I have talked to you at an event before but you probably wouldn’t re­member me. Anyway, I saw you out in the sun the other day playing bouncing balls with the other ASUWT members and I just thought that you looked amaz­ing in the sunlight. You are definitely the cutest girl I have seen on campus! Plus you are always so active doing stuff with student government like out there playing music and that is cool. I like people that are active and outdoorsy like that! If you would like to hangout sometime I am free this summer.