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Miley Cyrus’s new live show brings hope to fans

Between Disney Channel’s former hit show “Hannah Montana,” breaking out into her true self with songs like “I Can’t Be Tamed” and controversial performances on live TV and music videos, many of today’s college students have grown up watching Miley Cyrus. Now, she is hitting the headlines once again for her new live show on Instagram called “Bright Minded.”

Cyrus begins her third episode of her show by giving audiences a better understanding of why she created this. , “I started this show for emotional support at a very stressful time full of chaos and confusion and fear and panic and I wanted to bring light into a dark time… I wanted to just bring emotional support,” Cyrus said. 

Each episode ranges from 40 minutes to an hour and goes live at 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday on Cyrus’ Instagram handle @mileycyrus. If you happen to miss the show and want to catch up, each episode is available on her Instagram or Youtube channel. 

The show started on March 17 with Dr. Daniel Amen as the first guest star. Dr. Amen is a celebrity psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist. The two discussed healthy ways to deal with and cope with the virus. They discuss ways to exercise despite gym closures, encouraging viewers to watch workout videos on Youtube or by going outside and getting fresh air while exercising.

They also talked about how keeping your brain happy helps you not only be happy mentally but also physically. You can do these things by eating brain-healthy foods or doing activities that help keep your brain engaged — such as reading or learning a new instrument. 

Throughout the episode, Dr. Amen and Cyrus provide techniques to use when dealing with high anxiety. One of the exercises offered is called Automatic Negative Thoughts. Dr. Amen and Cyrus walk viewers through the steps of this exercise and explain how it helps the brain work through anxiety-inducing situations. 

Dr. Amen also highlights the importance of sleep because it helps keep the brain healthy, He also highly recommends not falling asleep with the TV on since it prevents the brain from falling into a deep sleep. Instead, he offered options, such as the  app called BrainFitLife; the three most popular parts of the app for sleep focus on meditation, music and hypnosis.

After watching recent episodes it’s clear that the quality of the videos is improving as Cyrus gets into a rhythm for how the show is going to be and features more than one guest per episode. She even includes sections of exercising in one video; she has her own pilates trainer join her and goes through a routine with Cyrus and everyone else who has watched the videos.

Just like many celebrities, Cyrus is trying to help everyone try and get through this hard time by bringing some type of entertainment online. But through her efforts, she is doing something different by touching a wide range of people and offering techniques to help them work through this time and give support.