Committee set to review Chancellor Mark Pagano

Every five years, the chancellor of the University of Washington Tacoma goes up for review, as per Executive Order No. 20 in the University of Washington’s University Handbook. Currently, Provost Mark Richard has a committee that has been tasked to review UWT’s Chancellor Mark Pagano, which will help to determine Pagano’s overall performance and effectiveness in his position as chancellor.

That committee’s goal mirrors what is stated in Executive Order No. 20:

“Such reviews are to be conducted to assess the recent accomplishments of the administrator in light of the past, present and future goals of the individual and the unit, and changes in related units or in the University which affect the unit.”

Everyone, from undergraduate and graduate students to alumni, faculty, staff and community are all encouraged to share their feedback on the chancellor. Members of the UWT community are being asked to evaluate Pagano on a number of criteria, such as his ability to communicate his goals for the campus, expanding campus access, advancing UWT’s national recognition, promoting diversity at all levels of the campus and creating new and lasting relations with different community organizations, among many other things. Respondents can also provide areas where they believe Pagano is strongest in, and areas where he could improve upon.

All responses are due no later than April 30. There are numerous ways to provide feedback, such as through email to Assistant to the Dean of the Information School, Kelli Jo Fullan, regular mail or by the completion of an online survey.

Once the feedback from everyone has been reviewed, the committee will then compile their findings and then pass on their report to the UW president. They will also pass on a copy of the report to the provost and to Pagano as well. 

Pagano, who started his appointment as chancellor back in March of 2015, is the fourth person to hold the role of chancellor at UWT. He was selected for the role by then-UW President Michael Young and then-UW Provost Ana Marie Cauce. Pagano was approved by the Board of Regents and took over as chancellor of UWT after the former chancellor, Debra Friedman, passed away due to lung cancer. Pagano had previously worked at Montana State University’s Billings campus as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs between 2011 and 2014, and before that worked 19 years at Purdue University, taking on many different roles and responsibilities while there.

When asked about the review process itself, Pagano declined to comment. However, he did remark that he will take this feedback to further improve himself in his role as chancellor.

“I pride myself on trying to do what is best for the students, faculty and staff of UWT,” Pagano said. “I’ll use the feedback to focus that effort and try to do a better job.”