Activism in quarantine

It’s 2020, and most of the world has started off the early part of the year being quarantined at home to negate the impacts of Coronavirus. Many events such as social gatherings, festivals, markets, graduation and weddings have been canceled.

This has been a hard transition for many, as immediate quarantine orders by the country were unexpected. Many future events have been canceled as well, and organizations are now utilizing Zoom, a video chat outlet to communicate with the community.

Protests, demonstrations and informative events on topics such as genocide, conflict, war and unjust treatment of people have also been put on hold. So, how can we be more active and vocal on these human right violations that are going on in the world?

Social media has always played a huge role when it comes to activism. Journalism is one aspect of activism, because certain media companies and outlets such as Vice and Refinery 29 have published videos showing how differently people live around the world. On YouTube these types of videos receive millions of views.

Although peaceful protests and gatherings with communities may not be a possibility anytime soon, at least we know that we can turn to our social media and other outlets to utilize for the time being. Following activists on Instagram such as @Khaled Beydoun, an author and law Professor: @ShaunKing, a Civil Rights Activist: @aclu_nationwide: @imamomarsuleiman, Muslim Scholar and Civil Rights leader: @Nowthis, a progressive news organization.

Binge-watching Vice News on YouTube, specifically Isobel Yeung, a long-form documentary correspondent, will broaden many horizons. Vice shows as she goes to Syria to cover what the war has left the country’s state in; with evidence footage of the Chinese Communist Parties oppression against the Uyghur Turk population.

Keeping up to date and researching more into what communities have to face worldwide is one step into making the most out of the quarantine period, and being socially woke. Nobody has to be a lover of politics to stand against oppression implemented on innocent humans.