The Tacoma Ledger bought out by Fox News parent company

The Fox Corporation, the owner of the Fox News Group and Fox News, has struck a deal with this paper, the University of Washington Tacoma’s very own The Tacoma Ledger. This deal comes in part to help secure future funding for the school paper, allowing the paper to be completely, privately funded and no longer being paid for by student fees. It also helps to expand one of Fox Corporation’s new campaigns — Fox’s Alternative Knowledge in Higher Education — which sets to bring new, alternative sources of news to different college and university campuses across the nation.

“We are very excited about the outcome of this buyout,” said Faye K. Neuss, a senior advisor and strategist for the Fox News Group. “It was time that some of the more liberal schools across this great nation get to know and better understand how their country runs, and who is running it, and why they are the best people to run it. We are providing them with the newest facts, the best facts, that they would otherwise not be educated in, as well as the best way to present them.”

With this new source of funding, The Ledger will still keep its name for now, but see a shift in its content which many of our readers should find refreshing and enjoyable. The current plans for the paper include a greater focus on national events, such as providing updates on how the wonderful wall along the southern border of the country is going. The opinion section will also be getting a face-lift, switching from its current offerings to more thoughtful reflections on points and arguments brought up by some of the brightest political pundits and philosophers of our time, like Ben Shapiro, Tomi Lahren and Dennis Prager. The sports and film sections will remain the same.

Fox’s Alternative Knowledge in Higher Education campaign has already purchased several other student publications across the nation, such as California Polytechnic State University’s Mustang News, the University of California Berkeley’s The Daily Californian, New York University’s Washington Square News and the University of Georgia’s The Red and Black, which has since been renamed to The Red, White, and Blue.

“If a success, this program really will be a new testament that our brand of alternative news truly is the superior option,” said Fox News Group’s Leading White Person Jacob Smith. “This program, FAKHE, will be a success, and it will show how giant media should be integrated into different aspects of campus life for young, impressionable college students. Our biggest demographic might be Boomers, but that does not mean we cannot get the youth engaged in the same things that they are interested in, and especially get them to see our correct point of view.”

This purchase will not affect The Ledger’s sister publication, Tahoma West. This is because, according to Smith, Fox News is only concerned with facts, and Tahoma West is more about the emotional side of students and their feelings. 

“Facts do not care about your feelings,” Smith said.

The Ledger staff is excited for this change in focus for the school paper. Students with concerns about this new direction which the paper is taking need not be worried. After all, this newspaper is changing in a way that better reflects the demographic of a certain group of people, and not of the campus. This is because the campus is generally full of people too young to make up their minds, and need to be nudged in a direction which more conforms with the majority of the nation, that being white, conservative Christians, of course.

Also, if you have not already figured this out, this is very much more fake news. Good luck this upcoming quarter, and have a wonderful April Fools’ Day.

Fox Corporation is seeking to control many more aspects of media, turning toward indoctrinating, we mean, educating the youth of the nation. Yeah, “educating.”