Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor

Why you should vote for Berine Sanders from now until March 10

Submitted by Ruba Shahbin

Dear Editor,

When you hear about authenticity, what comes to mind. Maybe it’s a record, but records are skewed. Maybe it’s their shared experience with the rest of us, but shared experience only goes so far. Yet, for me, it is the person’s embodiment of core values that our society has come to cherish through generations of blood and tears. When I look and hear Bernie Sanders, I see a living and breathing embodiment of the real American people, not the hypothetical idea of people our establishment conjured up for themselves. Who are these people? The people who built and fought for this country. The people who keep our society and culture uplift. The society that nourishes and cherishes each other. A society that acts collectively in order to unite us for the common good. When I see Bernie, I see someone who is willing and has challenged the status quo. When the status quo blamed millions of dying people on their “lack of hard work,” Sanders blamed the status quo for the systematic oppression of the establishment. When the status quo desensitized those in power of systematic issues, Sanders reminded them. When the status quo ignores our country’s minorities, Sanders pushes and uplifts them. When the status quo was loyalty to the establishment, Sanders rejected the establishment. When the status quo is to forget and move on, Sanders forgets to move on. “We have a long way to go,” he says. When the status quo was rich get richer and the poor get poorer, Sanders openly and unapologetically defied this sad reality that impacts over 50 percent of our society. When the status quo was profit over people, Sanders chose the people. When the status quo now is the second to best, I believe in the best. Time is running out. The climate is killing us. Our establishment is ignoring us. We are being defied. Our country has become desensitized, but no more. We need a revolution. We want better. We deserve better. We deserve Bernie. That’s why I’m voting for Bernie in 2020.