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The Black Keys tour rocked out the Tacoma Dome

Nostalgia hit the Tacoma Dome Nov. 23 when American rock bands The Black Keys and their opener Modest Mouse took some of their classic songs to the stage. From the smoke filled stage, to the flashing lights, the Dome was packed with fans to enjoy a night of decades-old music. 

The opener was Portland-based and Issaquah-founded Modest Mouse, which excited Washington natives and rockers alike. In their set, they sang “3rd Planet,” “Dramamine,” and “ Night on the Sun.” The ended their simple setlist with their alternative/indie song, “Sugar Boats.” 

After the opening came the showstopper, as musicians Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney came on stage and formed “The Black Keys.” With also a simple playlist and a very basic concert, fans were excited to focus on the music and lighting visuals that came with it. The vibe was set, when they sang songs such as, “I Got Mine,” “Gold on the Ceiling,” and grammy-winning song, “Tighten Up.” They closed with their two newest singles from their latest album, “Let’s Rock,” with “Lo/Hi,” and “Go.” 

Both Modest Mouse and The Black Keys are equally excitable to see live, especially somewhere as big and loud as the Tacoma Dome. If you are a die-hard fan, the “Let’s Rock” concert is one you can’t compete with!