Teaching and Learning Center expands staff

Due to an increasing workload, the Teaching and Learning Center has expanded by hiring multiple new consultants. This past quarter, they have hired two new math and computer science tutors.The most highly requested quantitative appointment is advanced mathematics counseling, followed by a tie between biology and chemistry, pre-calculus and computer science. For writing, most students primarily request help on citations and brainstorming for paper ideas within a course’s requirements.

“UWT has a strong value for access,” stated Dwayne Chambers, associate director and quantitative consultant at the TLC. “Access is really good, but not everyone comes into UWT at same level, so there is sometimes a need for students to get extra help to get up to pace. If we are gonna admit more aggressively we need to work hard to make sure.”

The Teaching and Learning Center contributes a variety of tutoring and academic resources to UW Tacoma.  Students who seek guidance on their academic coursework may arrange appointments with peer or specialist consultants at the TLC. These consultants can provide insight and strategies to a variety of subjects such as economics, writing, science, Spanish and math. The TLC staff is also able to provide feedback on resumes and cover letters. 

For quantitative studies, students are encouraged to drop-in at the TLC to meet with consultants. For assistance with writing, students are able to schedule 25 or 50 minute appointments and have the option to choose between online or face-to-face meetings.

Willow Raeburn, peer writing consultant, offered one reason for the increase in usage.

“Students are becoming more aware we exist, and are becoming comfortable with coming in,” Raeburn said.

Due to the increasing number of students making appointments at TLC, they are hoping to expand their space to a larger area. 

“We can’t help but expand, we are fairly at capacity,” Raeburn said. “I think especially for writing appointments it’s hard to find a quiet place to work.”

Cara Farnell, the TLC’s Program Coordinator, went on to explain why they are a key element to student’s learning and growth.

“[The TLC] helps someone go more in depth,” Farnell said. “Teachers don’t always have the time to go over information and work with everyone.”

Raeburn expanded further, explaining the importance of the TLC’s services to the UWT campus.

“Everyone deserves their ideas to get across” Raeburn stated “To help make sure that you are communicating so others can hear you.”

For more information about the Teaching and Learning Center, go to or call 253-692-4417.