Opinion: 4 tips for avoiding procrastination

Imagine This:

You’re sailing out in the ocean. It’s nothing but clear blue skies, a splash of sea water and you can see an island — your destination on the horizon. However, in the corner of your eye, you spot a mysterious fog. Out from the fog, a honeyed voice calls out to you. Curious, you turn your head towards the oddity, but can’t make out much except a strange figure in the mist. You try to focus your attention back towards your destination, but the voice grows louder and more enticing. You decide to veer off into the fog, only to crash your ship into a giant rock. The siren cackles as you sink into the depths of the sea.

Procrastination is like a siren luring you away from your destiny — be it an assignment or a chore. From a failing grade to additional stress, procrastination is an awful habit that can have terrible consequences. Here are a few tips you can use to avoid it.

Switch up your surroundings  

Eliminating distractions are key to boosting productivity. For some, this may mean turning the TV down or off. For others, it means clearing some of the clutter off their desk. Too much mess or noise can lead you to make poor decisions regarding work. Try creating a clear, calm environment for yourself to focus on your work.

Make Notifications

It can be difficult to complete assignments when you can’t remember their deadlines. By downloading a planner app, you will find tracking assignments and their due dates a breeze. Planner apps allow you to set reminders which will give you an extra nudge to complete an assignment. 

Get an accountability buddy

You are not alone — everyone at some point in time struggles with procrastinating. If you find it difficult to stop on your own, try asking a friend for help. Sometimes a quick pep talk or check in can be the boost you need to stay on track.

Just Do It

At the end of the day, it’s mind over matter. You are ultimately the one who has the power to stop procrastinating. Stop wasting your time getting frustrated with yourself for procrastinating and focus on making the adjustments needed to change.