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Last minute ideas for Halloween costumes

Do you ever get invited to a Halloween party a couple days before the Oct. 31 and you have no idea what to wear? You don’t have the time to go to the Halloween store or have the money to spend $40 on something you are only going to wear once, and you might not go because you don’t have a costume? Don’t miss out on going to a party because you don’t have a costume — just take a look below at these easy last minute costumes that will surely win any contest this Halloween.

Any type of animal

This one is pretty easy. You would have to go out and buy the animal ears or wings or tail,  — unless you have those laying around — and then wear your normal clothes as the fur or skin of your animal. For example, for a butterfly you would wear all black — pants, shirt, dress, skirt — and buy the wings and antennas and face makeup if you want to get glam. For a cat, wear whatever colored clothes you would like for the fur, buy just ears and a tail, and use face makeup for the whiskers.


Based off of everyone’s favorite book of finding the man in the red striped shirt in a crowd of people, all you will need for this costume is a red and white striped shirt, red and white striped beanie, and fake glasses. 



This outfit of a classic farm decoration is found in the closet of anyone who owns a flannel — which could be anyone living in Washington state. You will need any color flannel, jeans, boots, and a straw hat. If you want to get fancy, get some fake hay and put it at the ends of the flannel and boots so it sticks out, and do your makeup to make the scarecrow face.


Salt and Pepper

This is a couple outfit that is very simple. One person wears a white shirt and and puts a black “S” on it. The other person wears a black shirt and puts a white “P” on it.

One of the easy and affordable ways to dress up for a last minute Halloween party.

Pac Man

A group costume idea. One person is Pac Man by either getting a Pac Man shirt, or cutting a pac man shape out of cardboard and coloring it to look like Pac Man. Have your friends get colored shirts to match the ghosts, draw on the eyes, and cut the bottom of the shirt to make the ghost waves.

Stereotypical elderly person

This one is for people who want to be comfortable while at a party. You will need pajamas, a robe, slippers, bed head, and a mug. Super simple, and you don’t even have to match because old people don’t care about everything matching together. 


All you need to be disguised as this simple game is a black shirt, black pants and white dots. On the shirt, put a certain number of dots, and then on your pants do a different number, and then you will be a domino. Easy as pie. 


If you really want an easy costume, and one that you will continue to use when Halloween is over, just get a onesie. You have so many to choose from and you can wear them anytime of the year with no shame.


Another group outfit. Each person picks a letter and draws it on some cardboard and wears it around their necks. If you have enough people you guys can form some fun words — don’t forget to put the number of points your letter gets as well!

Tinder profile

Something that every college student has seen in their lives. All you need is one of those paper hats that preschoolers make but instead of a turkey you make a flame. Then you get a white shirt and make the “X” and the “<3” and your name and age. Bam — you’re a Tinder profile.