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6 spooktacular fall date ideas for you and your ‘boo’

When the weather cools down and “sweater weather” begins, couples everywhere bunker down and take shelter under blankets, binge watching Netflix and having movie marathons. While taking shelter from the weather is a great way to spend time with your “boo,” sometimes it gets redundant. 

If you’re looking for cute dates to go on to celebrate the fall season, look no further. Fall is one of the greatest seasons, and with this list, you can find all kinds of great ways to embrace it with that special someone. 

Going to a pumpkin patch 

There are ample reasons why this is a great date idea. For one, being out in the chilly weather is a great excuse to get close to that special someone. Also, more and more places also have been setting up places for cute photo opportunities, so you can get a cute Instagram worthy photo with them too. Then, once you’ve strolled the patch and found the perfect pumpkins, the two of you can have fun carving pumpkins together. As a bonus, going to farms is a great way to support local businesses, and they’re always very reasonably priced, so this won’t break the bank.

Haunted houses and scary movies

If you’re anything like me, jump scares are not your thing. Going on a date with someone special to a haunted house or watching a scary movie is another way to get close to them, as they can comfort you if you start getting too spooked. Scary movies are a classic spooky season date idea for this reason: being close to someone while you’re scared can be super romantic! 

Corn mazes

If you’re looking for a quick way to test yours and your boo’s compatibility and teamwork skills, corn mazes are a good way. Some places even offer haunted corn mazes, which can be a great way to celebrate the scariest time of year. Pair this with some fresh warm apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte, and you have the perfect opportunity to show off your fall fashion and spend time with someone special. 

Fall hikes 

Not a lot of people love getting out and about in dreary weather, but if you’re like me, — and a Washington native — the cold and wet weather doesn’t stop you from getting out and exploring our beautiful state. Again, being out in the elements can be romantic, as it gives you a perfect excuse to cuddle up to your date to stay warm. Due to the weather, the trails aren’t packed like they usually are when we get our notoriously nice summer weather, and this is a great way to enjoy all of the beautiful fall colors. Plus, no mosquitoes. 

Movie marathons

You, your boo, and all eight “Harry Potter” movies. Or, watch a bunch of Halloween movies together. Pick up some festive snacks — such as  the cartoon sugar cookies everyone loves for holidays — get in your comfy clothes, and bundle up together for a day to watch some old favorites. This is a good option that’s inexpensive, indoors, — so you don’t have to face the weather if you don’t want to — and something that’s a little more special than just watching Netflix. 

Getting creative together

If you go somewhere like Target this fall, they have cardboard pumpkins you can buy for a couple bucks and paint together. Or, going somewhere like a Paint n’ Sip, where you paint and drink wine  — if you’re of age — is a great option, too. One place that is a favorite of mine is The Painted Plate in Olympia. For $45, you and your date each get a drink and a piece of pottery to paint together. When the project is done, you both have something cute to hold onto to remember the time you shared. Please drink responsibly.