Welcome back, Huskies!

As the editor-in-chief of the Tacoma Ledger, it is my pleasure to welcome new and old faces alike to UWT. We are a weekly student newspaper publication for the students. Our staff of 20+ students are filled with motivated and inspired editors, writers, our layout and design team, and hard-working management. We serve to report factual news, cover fun events, and produce overall great content for the Tacoma campus to enjoy. 

We have three sections: News, Opinion, and Arts & Entertainment — each are very specific as to what the sections cover. The News section covers on-campus events: ASUWT board meetings, Teacher/Student/Club spotlights, and events held by campus RSOs and organizations  — really any events being held on campus. News also covers City of Tacoma news, such as the UWT/ Diamond meter parking rates increase, the Tacoma link light rail updates, and any important innovations in Tacoma that strictly concern the UWT campus. 

Our Opinion columnists all have different beats, as the writers find their own voice and interests, and write on those. From tips and tricks on how to succeed in college, to more controversial issues such as politics and mainstream media controversies, our Opinion writers articulate their own opinions and raise awareness into discussion-worthy articles. This year, we are featuring a new sustainability column, where our columnist Alyssandra Goss will write ways about how to make our campus and community more sustainable. 

Lastly, our A&E section provides more light, fun content. Our writers cover museum exhibits, best places to dine around campus, and covering entertainment around downtown Tacoma. These writers cover film and performance art from various venues. Our film critic Andrew Brown reviews new, popular movies in the theater, and gives his honest review and rating. Last but not least, our sports columnist Brooks Moeller uses his knowledge of sports and media to create thoughtful post-coverage of games, showcases upcoming sporting events, and he writes on both Husky and Seattle sports. 

The Tacoma Ledger is located in MAT 151, directly below admissions in the Mattress Factory. All of our editors, columnists, and management have office hours throughout the week, and the hours are posted on our door — so come see us! If you are in a club/organization and want coverage or have a story you think would be a great fit for the paper, pop in and come talk with us for more information. 

On behalf of the entirety of the Tacoma Ledger, we are very excited to see you around campus!