UWT campus safety 101

A new academic year is in full swing at  UW Tacoma. While everyone is focused on countless homework assignments and achieving good grades, campus security wants to remind students to keep their safety in mind. 

You may see some security officials wandering the campus from time to time. These people are the UWT Security Officers. They patrol the campus and alert the right people if something is not right. Susan B. Wagshul-Golden, director of the security program, gives a better look into what services and resources these officers provide.

“Campus Security officers provide supportive services such as safety planning, crime prevention education, security escorts to buildings or transportation, provide basic first-aid, CPR, de-escalation techniques, and emergency response as needed,” said Susan B. Wagshul-Golden, director of the security program.  Wagshul-Golden. 

While a natural disaster or unsafe event is less than likely, it is still important to be prepared for things such as fires, earthquakes and active shooters. UWT Security has all the needed information to become prepared when it comes to campus safety.


In the event of a fire, you need to pull the nearest fire alarm. This can alert all other students who may not know it is there. If you see a small fire that should not be there, you can try to put it out using a nearby extinguisher. 

However, if the fire is larger or you do not feel comfortable with an extinguisher, pull the fire alarm and evacuate. Leave through the nearest exit and do not use the elevators. If there is no safe exit, put a towel under the door to block smoke from getting in. Do not open the door if the handle is warm to the touch. Drop low to avoid rising smoke, cover your mouth with a wet cloth, and stay near a window to alert any bystanders that you are there. Open the window if you can, but do not break it. Call 911 when you are able. 


In the event of an earthquake, find a sturdy piece of furniture — such as a table or desk — and drop, cover and hold. Keep your head and neck protected from any falling debris. Keep an eye out for objects at risk of falling, but do not try to evacuate until the shaking has stopped. Once outside, watch for falling bricks and rubble. Do not go near any power lines or trees since they may be at an increased risk for falling. Get to a safe place and be prepared for aftershocks. 


In the event of a lockdown situation, you need to be extremely careful. A lockdown happens when students and staff are in immediate danger. The first thing to do is stay quiet and out of sight. Hide in a secure place, barricade all doors, and stay there until you have received an ‘All Clear’ signal from authorities.

For additional information, Campus Security has the ‘Are You Ready Guide’ on what to in other situations from relationship violence to volcanic eruptions. You can contact Campus Security at or at (253)-692-4416 for non-emergencies. If there is an emergency, call 911 immediately.