Ledger Senior Goodbyes 2019

Today, Monday, June 3 is the last day of print publication for the Tacoma Ledger in 2019, and the last issue this year’s Tacoma Ledger graduates will be a part of. Below, our seniors say goodbye to MAT 151 and reflect on the impact the Tacoma Ledger has had on them. We will miss all of you dearly, and appreciate every contribution each of you have made to our paper. Here’s to graduation — it’s not the end, but just the beginning!

Kelsie Abram – Editor-in-Chief

When I first joined the Ledger in March 2016, I knew this paper was something special.

And when I was suddenly promoted to Editor-in-Chief only two short months later, I was determined to retain the Ledger’s legacy, and do whatever I could to make sure our publication was released each week with pertinent and exciting information for our staff, faculty, and — most importantly — our student body. Now, three years later, I look back at my time here fondly. While working with my exemplary fellow students on the paper, I’ve also come to learn what being a good leader truly means. And as I hand the Editor-in-Chief baton off to Ella Lucente, my dearest confidant and unbelievably talented and dedicated worker, I am confident that the Ledger legacy will continue. I’d like to personally thank just a few of the many people who have continued to lift me up and support me throughout my time at the Ledger. Daniel, my advisor and mentor; Ella, my partner-in-crime whose compassion, support and friendship I am forever grateful for; my parents, whose support and love never falter; and Jonah, the love-of-my-life and daily cheerleader. So here’s to all of my fellow 2019 Ledger graduates, as well as every returning staff member — I’ve been so honored and humbled to be your Editor-in-Chief, and I can’t wait to see what each of your futures hold!

Avery Parker – Managing Editor

It feels strange to be saying goodbye after this long journey, but I can only hope that I have left some kind of legacy and lasting impression on the Ledger. I would like to thank the Ledger first and foremost for being my home on campus; my entire college career, it was the place I felt like I most belonged at school. In doing almost every position on staff at some point or another, I gained experience in things that I love doing — editing and layout. I also made some of the best friends I’ve ever had here. I’d like to give special shoutouts to members of The Design Squad™: Sean Ferrell-Wyman, Kristina Osborn, Jessika Foust, Angie Canales, Diego Meza, Logan Jenny and Chase Charaba. I would also like to give a huge thanks to my best friend Ella Lucente — who has done a great job taking over my former position of Managing Editor — for being my saving grace, biggest supporter and voice of reason countless times.

Leticia Bennett – News Editor

When I first learned that I had been hired to be the Ledger’s News Editor for the 2018–2019 school year, I was both super excited and nervous. I knew that I had big shoes to fill and hoped that I could let the UWT campus read interesting news stories and find out more about the university. While whether I did that is really up to you, looking back I can say that I’ve honestly enjoyed my time at the Ledger and was able to meet fantastic students, staff, faculty and people that I never would have met otherwise. I’ve been blessed to have had amazing editors, news reporters and friends and I am so grateful for everyone who helped and supported me in this role. I especially want to thank my news reporters — all seven of you — who I was lucky to get to know so well and call my friends. Together we made it through hard stories but also got to see our work pay off in the end.

Miles Cameron – A&E Editor

I’m so thankful that I worked at the Ledger this year. I genuinely enjoyed writing each article, and especially attending the events that I wrote about. As an Arts & Entertainment Editor, I was able to really get out and explore Tacoma, and attend events I wouldn’t otherwise even considered. Working with such a supportive and motivating team of writers and editors was inspiring for me, and I hope to bring that workplace environment into wherever I go next. Thank you so much to everyone at the Ledger.

Alyssa Tatro – Opinion Columnist

I have always dreamed of having a platform to share my thoughts and develop my writing skills, which ultimately led me right into the arms of the Ledger! I began writing as a News Reporter, which allowed me to learn about my wonderful campus and the city of Tacoma. My time at the Ledger has contributed to my growth as a writer, team mate, student, and friend. I am grateful to have worked alongside my fellow reporters and editors who have showed me what it means to be a dedicated and informed person. I have had the wonderful opportunity to write also as an Opinion columnist, where I was able to explore controversial issues and topics that have important implications for our country and our world. I am passionate about social justice and equity, and my time at the Ledger gave me a platform to speak and learn more about the importance of cross cultural communication and acceptance. Thank you to the entire Ledger staff for all of your hard work and contributions, and congratulations to my fellow 2019 graduates!

Alex Alderman – A&E Columnist

I am so grateful for the nearly two years I have spent working for the Ledger. When I transferred to UWT, I didn’t know what to expect because I had never visited Tacoma prior to packing up my life and moving here. I decided to apply for the Ledger despite my lack of experience, and upon gaining a position as A&E columnist, I was introduced to a warm group of students who immediately welcomed me. Through the Ledger, I have been able to fully immerse myself in the vibrant arts and rich culture Tacoma has to offer, which to me has been an invaluable experience. I would like to thank my family, friends and boyfriend, who have continuously supported my academic endeavors. I am also thankful for all who make the Ledger possible: the student writers, editors, photographers, design team, faculty and readers. Congrats to all 2019 grads — we did it!

Jenny Lam – A&E Columnist

I don’t know how I got here, but I’m glad I did and pretty sad it’s coming to an end. This chapter has certainly been bittersweet, but I wouldn’t have it any way else. I’ve made lifelong friendships, fell in love, found my passion, wrote my first screenplay, got my first writing job, and found out what I want to do in this life — all here at UWT. Thank you Kelsie, for bringing me on as a columnist at the Ledger. Thank you professor Jennifer Myers, for introducing me to the world of film and inspiring me to be involved in the industry. Thank you Tuyen and Aeriel, for being my first UWT friends. Thank you Soapy, Sandy and Tanya for supporting me from high school through college. Thank you Ba, Mommy and Ong Ba Noi for the continuous love and support. And lastly, thank you, Josh — I love you, babe!

We’d also like to thank all of our other Ledger graduates and their contributions to our paper: Christean Jenkins, Diego Meza, Logan Jenny, Molica Chau, and Robert Gillis.