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10 spots around campus to claim as your own this school year

As UW Tacoma students, we are fortunate to have so many options for off-campus spots to study, eat or caffeinate during breaks between classes. Although there are some fun options off-campus, sometimes students want a quiet place to study or hangout with friends — without all of the noise that comes with public spaces.

Here are 10 of the best spots on campus that you can claim as yours this academic year:

Tacoma Paper & Stationary second and third floor

The Tacoma Paper & Stationery building, located near Dougan, holds small cubicles for students to study on their breaks, or to work on group projects in private. Inside each of the small rooms there is a whiteboard, chairs and a spacious table. There are four more of these small rooms on both the second and third floor of TPS.

Dawg House

The legendary Mattress Factory holds the Dawg House — UWT’s equivalent to a student lounge. Although there are foosball and pool tables and TVs with Xboxes and Playstations, there are also quiet places you can study or be by yourself. There are multiple booths with ample space and privacy from all of the fun happening on the other side of the lounge. It is also a great place to snack or take a lunch break due to the microwaves, vending machines and cutlery available.

Birmingham Hay & Seed student lounge

Along with the Dawg House, the Birmingham Hay & Seed building has a lounge that is another student favorite. Hidden from the majority of the classrooms and tables, the BHS student lounge supplies numerous tables with chairs, as well as a microwave for any snacks that need heating. Enjoy the quietness of this secret spot, along with the beautiful mural featured on its walls.

Snoqualmie quiet zones

College is all about cramming for exams and procrastinating essays, so sometimes sitting in a quiet place will help overcome procrastination. The quiet zone, located in the Snoqualmie Building, is the perfect place to put in some hard work in peaceful silence.

Desks in the Tioga Library Building

The Tioga Library Building is the best place for independent reading or working on intense research, as it is located right in the library. There are countless desks with high, cubicle-like walls so that you can read, study or watch Netflix in private with no interruption.

Booth under the stairs in TPS

Another secret spot in TPS is the single booth under the first floor stairs. This tiny booth has dimmed lights, outlets and is extremely private. This is the ideal place for students who both want to work in a group setting, or just want their privacy in the comfort of their own self. This booth gets claimed pretty quickly, so make sure you grab it before someone else does.

McDonald Smith Building group study rooms

In the McDonald Smith Building, there are private group study rooms on the third floor. Inside are doors that can be used as whiteboards, a TV and a large desk with many chairs if you need seating for a large group of people. These rooms are first come, first serve, so if you need a room for a study group on short notice, make sure someone affirms it before it’s taken.

William W. Philip Hall and Snoqualmie Building group study rooms

Much like the MDS study rooms, William W. Philip Hall and Snoqualmie Building both offer large, group study rooms to reserve ahead of time for free with the of your Husky ID number. These require a reservation through the online booking site, which secures your choice of room. This is particularly helpful for cram sessions during midterms and finals week.

Reflection room in the UWY

If you need a quiet place to reflect or pray, the university YMCA has what is called a reflection room. It has a running water fountain that is meant for soothing students, as well as prayer mats. It is open to any current student at UWT during normal business hours.

Meditation Room

Similar to the reflection room in the UWY, the Mattress Factory has a room called the Meditation Room — located in MAT 152 — meant for quiet reflection and prayer. This room is the ultimate safe space on campus. It is available on a first come, first served basis during the normal school hours. A key code is needed to open the door, which can be requested in the Student Engagement Office in MAT 103.