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A guide to making the most out of a Tacoma Rainiers game

With the Mariners entering a “rebuilding” season, the Tacoma Rainiers farm system is as loaded as ever with promising young players who are looking to eventually make an impact at the big-league level. This bodes well for fans of the Rainiers, who now have one of the most interesting rosters in years — especially in terms of pure talent.

Although they have gotten off to a slow start so far, the Rainiers will be playing all summer long and still have plenty more to prove. For a baseball fan in Tacoma, the Rainiers offer an inexpensive and more personal baseball experience, as well as an opportunity to see the Mariners’ possible future stars. However, even if you have no interest in baseball whatsoever, catching a Rainier game can be a perfectly pleasant social gathering for you and some friends.

If you want to take advantage of some sweet deals and see some future Mariners, the Rainiers will be in town this week from May 3–10. Here is a quick guide on how to make the most out of your Tacoma Rainiers game experience:

Buying tickets

Though you can buy tickets at the box office, I recommend buying tickets online from the Rainiers website and scan in with a QR code on your phone. Buying tickets online will help you secure your seat ahead of time, because weekend games can fill up quickly. Using your phone also means you won’t have to stress about remembering your ticket stub once you’re at the gates.

Recurring Promotions

The Rainiers have several recurring promotions every week that are worth taking advantage of. For the best value, head to Cheney Stadium on Mondays for BECU Value Nights. For just $15, you can get a seat, a hot dog, and a Rainiers hat. Love a good beer? Attend a game on either NW Brews Wednesday, which features a new local brewery every week, or Thirsty Thursday, where Coors Lights are just $2 on the R Bar party deck. Or, for a night of fun, catch a Rainiers game on a Friday for an amazing firework show after the game. Make sure to also take advantage of Saturdays, which feature the Little Caesar’s Family Night Deal. If you purchase four or more tickets, each ticket costs $11 and comes with hats, hot dogs, and a coupon to Chick-Fil-A.

Food and Drink

If you opt to eat at the park, the new BBQ stand is worth checking out, and stadium hot dogs are never a bad idea. For drinks, the R Bar in left field tends to have the best selection, featuring different local breweries, including a few beers from 7 Seas. Though, for both vegans and those ballin’ on a budget, a quick stop at the Fred Meyers across the street is also a good option, as the food in the ballpark is both relatively pricey and not very vegan-friendly.

Players to look out for

The Rainiers have a few talented position players and pitchers to keep an eye on when watching the game. Playing on the left side of the infield for the team are recently acquired prospects Shed Long and J.P Crawford, both of which should be up with the Mariners soon. Long is a powerful third baseman with a violent swing that often results in him hitting the ball hard. On the other hand, Crawford is more of a make-it-happen, put-it-in-play hitter who is also an exciting defender to watch at shortstop. Another player to watch is center fielder and former Husky Braden Bishop, who uses his speed and athleticism to make a name for himself. Justus Sheffield is arguably the Mariners top prospect, but has struggled so far this season.