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The Husky 100: leaders on campus

The University of Washington annually releases the Husky 100 — a list of 100 students who are active in their communities and who make the most of their time as a Husky. Undergraduates and grad­uates from all different backgrounds and fields of studies are selected from a list of qualities, including a capac­ity for leadership and the ability to make connections.

Last year, over 600 applications were submitted for the Husky 100. Out of those 600 applicants, 11 students from UW Tacoma were selected, seven students from UW Bothell and 82 from the Seattle campus.

To apply for the Husky 100, you must be a junior, senior or matricu­lated graduate. There are several cri­teria which a Husky 100 hopeful must possess in order to be considered for the list. Huskies need to be able to make connections between the class­room and the outside world, innova­tive in their thinking, committed to enlarging their community, ready for the future and able to lead in what­ever roles they find themselves in.

Beck Adelante, a UWT alumnus and current writing consultant for the Teaching and Learning Center, was one of the eleven UWT representatives selected for the 2017–2018 Husky 100 list. Adelante, who received their Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Media and Culture, talks about how the Husky 100 has impacted their life.

“Finding out I was actually se­lected was ridiculously surprising,” Adelante said. “I was really thankful for Jim Liner for nominating me and encouraging me to go ahead with the application. I think being selected has definitely begun to open some more doors. I’m grateful to be staying on this year at the TLC after graduation, and I was even awarded one of sev­eral Dean’s Leadership Award medals at the end of last school year. More than anything else, it’s really great to be able to point to this honor and have my name and face out there, and show that I’m committed to certain goals and ideals.”

Those who are accepted into the Husky 100 are treated to a variety of benefits aimed at expanding students’ resources and networks. Benefits in­clude a customized career plan from the UW Career Center, access to a private LinkedIn group and invitations to special events whose hosts include the UW provost and president.

This year’s deadline for applica­tions is Jan. 23 at 8 a.m., and the list of winners and their stories will not be made official until sometime in April. However, a sneak peek of the list tends to come out in February, so stay tuned to see if you, or someone you know, made the Husky 100.