Huskies in the Hallway

Huskies in the Hallway: 11/19/18

This week, Christian Bell asked her fellow Huskies:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition and why?
Trinity Fuller: Freshman, Communications major projected

“Eating my mom’s baked mac and cheese and stuffing.
I didn’t grow up with my extended family around,
but I’m glad there’s always food to look forward to!”

Lizette Harris: Sophomore, Social work major

“House hopping/going from home to home
to spend the day with different friends and family.”

Jalan Fontanilla: Junior, Business Management major

“Helping my mother prepare all of the dishes. Specifically,
her homemade mac and cheese. Every Thanksgiving morning
I know I’ll have to shred at least a pound of Tillamook sharp
cheddar cheese! So a slight workout that solidifies my
favorite dish has to be my favorite tradition!”

Emily Ramirez: Senior, Writing Studies major

“In our family, we like to gather around the dining table,
play board games and reminisce about the past. We say
our thanks to our late family members and then say a
thing or two about what we are thankful for toward
each other. A bit cliche, but it’s a nice reminder that
you are valued.”

Christine Stevens: Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Associate Professor

“When I worked as an emergency room nurse, I liked
working Thanksgiving to support people and families
who did not expect to spend the holiday in the ER.”


CORRECTION: A previous version of this story featured an incorrect photo of Christine Stevens. It is now correct.