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Club Spotlight: Campus Adult Ministry

Every Thursday 7–9 p.m. at the University Y in room 303, Campus Adult Ministry, a passionate and di­verse group of believers, meet to discuss their daily experiences of how they “simply do life with Christ.” The group also hosts a weekly bible studies meet­ing, Wednesdays during the lunch hour in TLB 109.

Campus Adult Ministry, also known as CAM is a fairly new Regis­tered Student Organization here at UW Tacoma that was established a little over a year ago. However, it has already made significant impacts on many UWT students with around 40 people in attendance each week.

The club ministry is not a replace­ment for masses, but rather a partner­ship with local churches to grow the Christian community on campus. The club aims to give members a space to include Christ in their everyday life outside of typical Sunday worship.

However, CAM is much more than just a Christian community that meets for worship and bible studies. They strive to aid their members in per­sonal growth as well as spiritual.

“Joining CAM has helped me get more involved with the community of UW Tacoma. I’ve met new people, made new friends and got more con­nected with God along the way,” Jason Master, CAM’s videographer, said.

CAM President Hannah Cho also commented on how the club has changed her life for the better.

“CAM is family — they are my obligation, passion and reason for who I am today,” Cho said. “I’m so glad that, in the end, CAM became a greater im­pact for the Tacoma community as well as for myself. CAM is one of the biggest life changing experiences I’ve ever en­countered as a student here at UWT.”

However, there’s more on the agen­da than just bible studies. The club also offers a multitude of activities to keep everyone entertained.

“We generally have ice breakers, worship and a guest speaker,” Cho ex­plained. “We also offer a lot of time to mingle with everyone that attends even after hours. There are occasional special events like game nights [and] movie nights … We’ve also done homeless outreach for the Tacoma Rescue Mis­sion Center.”

This year, Cho has made several changes to the club. One of which is focusing on only one theme per meeting rather than multiple different ones.

“Last year it was always different because we had several different speak­ers, but this year we are focusing on the theme of ‘brokenness’ and what that means to people, as well as what we can do with our brokenness,” Cho said.

CAM has also just returned from FallCon 2018, at Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center in Stanwood, that took place Nov. 3–5. It was a large retreat with about 300 members in at­tendance from CAM chapters all around the Pacific Northwest, includ­ing Pacific Lutheran University, Uni­versity of Puget Sound, Gonzaga, Whit­man and Washington State University.

“[The] fall conference is a huge re­treat that has worship, speakers, hand out zones and more, which is kind of like what CAM does, but it’s way more amplified,” Cho said.

Cho is looking forward to what the club has in store for the remainder of the year. She hopes to reach as much of the UWT community as possible with their mission.

“I pray and hope that our ministry continues to send out a positive and healing messages all over the city and to the world,” Cho said.


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