Huskies in the Hallway

Huskies in the Hallway: 10/15/18

This week, Leticia Bennett asked her fellow Huskies:

How do you de-stress from school?
Bengisu Incetas Freshman, Pre-Major, Political Science

“I destress by often times meditating instead of quickly rushing
home to study. I take a snack break and like to cuddle with my
cat because that really takes away 90 percent of my stress. I also
try to take my mind off things that stress me by enjoying my free time.”

Bryce McCann Sophomore, Community Development & Planning

“I listen to music, go to the movies, take a walk around my
neighborhood, listen to a lot of podcasts — anything to
get my mind off of school.”

Hussein Sahib Junior, Computer Engineering & Systems

“I play sports — soccer on the weekends — and take short runs
during the week.”

Gurchetan Singh Senior, Computer Science & Systems

“I try to go to the gym and I also just meditate.
During finals week, I try not focus on anything else.”

Michael Forman Faculty, Politics, Philosophy & Public Affairs

“I go walk the dog, that often helps. I see friends and people
who are near and dear to me. I succeed in not looking at
school emails on Saturdays or after I get home in the evenings.”

Leticia Bennett

Leticia is the News Editor for The Ledger. She is a Senior majoring an Urban Studies and hopes to become an Urban Planner. She is interested in all things happening around campus and loves to learn new things and meet new people.