Study spots so good you won’t mind that you’re studying

Everyone has different preferences for the perfect study spot, and finding the best one while trying to keep up on homework can be a daunting challenge. Check out our favorite places to get some ideas, and maybe even discover your dream study spot — if there is such a thing, that is!



Vibe: Calm and productive
Computers: No
Noise Level: Background noise from the floors below


This is a great study look-out for those who love to be surrounded by people but don’t necessarily want all the noise. Being one of UW Tacoma’s more popular study nooks, the terrace often has many students trying to fit into it’s some eight tables; but with a little luck you can usually find a spot! The calming view allows for a productive work environment that pairs well with a quiet lunch or a much-needed study session. Just be ready to snag a seat when you see one!



Vibe: Artistic and cozy
Computers: No, but very laptop friendly
Noise Level: Relatively quiet


If you’re a fan of studying in coffee houses, Metro is likely your dream study-find. Metro boasts amazing espresso to make sure your mid-term studies are fully caffeinated. Not to mention, the rustic, creative aesthetic becomes obvious only one step into this cozy coffee shop. If you are looking to get some inspiration, energy or just a great Instagram photo, Metro is a great place with a fun history to buckle down and sip the fall months away.



Vibe: Collegiate, helpful and welcoming
Computers: Yes
Noise Level: Relatively loud


If you love places that remind you of your collegiate status, there is no better place to go than the top floor of the library. The top floor of the Snoqualmie building overlooks much of UW Tacoma’s campus and is usually very accessible — in other words, you can almost always snag a computer or table. This area can get a little on the loud side due to the Teaching and Learning Center being on the same level. It’s great to use the proximity to the TLC and its staff to your advantage and ask about whatever it is that has you scratching your head in confusion.



Vibe: No distractions. None.
Computers: No
Noise Level: Dead Silent


If you’re someone who needs absolute silence and no distractions, or you’re looking for some place to hunker down and study the day away, try the Tioga Library. While there may be less study spots available, there are desks and small cubby tables. This spot is also silent and distraction free the majority of the time — a major bonus in comparison to other locations.



Vibe: Happy, hyper and happening
Computers: No
Noise Level: very loud


The Dawg Den, UW Tacoma’s student lounge can be a great place to study. The Den has pool tables, video games and vending machines, as well as many tables and places to study. If the noise doesn’t bother you and you focus best with things going on around you, the Dawg Den is where you need to be.