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The 8 best campus restaurants with Dawg Discounts

The new school year brings many new challenges, and finances is a huge one. From paying tuition that the finan­cial aid won’t cover, to those overpriced textbooks that you’ll probably only use once this quarter, saving any extra cash is going to be essential. This is espe­cially hard during the academic year when your class schedule gives lunch breaks and gaps between classes, and all you want to do is refuel on some afford­able snacks.

Thankfully, businesses all around campus provide discounts to UW Ta­coma students. Just by flashing your Husky ID card, certain businesses will give you what is called a “Dawg Dis­count” that allows students to ball on their budget.

Here are seven eateries located around campus that will allow you to use your Dawg Discount:


Have a love for French and breakfast food? Then this is the place to check out. Savor Creperie, right next door to In­dochine, serves a wide array of savory and sweet crepes (French pancakes) that give you the utmost breakfast experi­ence. Best part? With your Dawg Dis­count, you get 10 percent off your meal, as well as free Wi-Fi. Definitely check it out on your next class break.


Every college student worships Sub­way, as it is not only relatively affordable, but also healthy. With a 10 percent dis­count, UWT students get to save more money … and honestly, is there anything better than that?


Right across from the Tioga Library Building is students’ favorite pizza parlor. With a little rock n’ roll vibe, the Rock has a totally rad ambiance with delicious pizza. They have more to the menu than just their pizza, but the pizza’s legendary. The Rock gives UWT students a 10 percent discount with proof of their Husky Card, and it is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of classes.


Anthem is the only coffee shop on campus that gives UWT students their Dawg Discount. With 10 percent off of a purchase and free Wi-Fi, you are able to sit and study with friends at leisure. Suggestion: get the Sunrise (Full Throt­tle energy drink with raspberry syrup), it’s delicious.


Bubbles serves a wide arrange of bubble tea, milk tea and smoothies that you won’t want to miss out on. They have tapioca, jellies and popping Boba that you can add to your drink to give it a more flavorful sensation. Starting at the beginning of October, all UWT students will be able to receive 10 per­cent off of their drink with their Husky card, in addition to Bubbles’ punch cards that earn you a free drink for every five you purchase.


Located under the Cherry Parkes building, Indochine gives a 10 percent discount to UWT students, as well as free Wi-Fi. This is the perfect place to study, as you can enjoy some authentic Asian cuisine in a cute and quaint setting.


Knowing Washington’s weather, pho is always a good choice on a nice, cool day. Located right next to Jimmy Johns on campus, Pho Than Brothers gives UWT students a 10 percent discount off their meal. Next time the weather is atrocious, head down to the pho restau­rant and warm up with some yummy Vietnamese soup.


See that humongous “W” on campus? Right across the street is where The Swiss is located, and they give amazing deals as well. With 10 percent off any meal except for during Happy Hour and dis­counted items, you can enjoy live enter­tainment while you eat. The Swiss is another student favorite on campus, as there are Taco Tuesdays and multiple sporting events that they host.


The Harmon Brewery and Eatery may not accept Dawg Discounts yet, but they have some really great weekly spe­cials that every college student should know. From Taco Tuesdays with $5 margaritas and $7 street tacos to 75 cent wings on Wednesdays, the Harmon has fabulous deals along with free live mu­sic, trivia nights, and great servers that have you leaving feeling full, entertained, and refreshed.

Let’s kick off this school year right by saving some money, and eating with the help of our Husky ID cards!