Opinion: Reasons why you should ride a bike this summer

Last week as we were driving home from class, my boyfriend and I were talking about the fluctuating gas prices, and how absurd it has got­ten for a couple of years now. We were trying to think of ways to cut down driving when we considered biking. You should too.

Biking — even just too local, close by destinations — could benefit you in more ways than one. For instance, it will help improve your physical and mental health. Not only does biking help strengthen muscles and tone your core, but it — along with other forms of exercise — is also ef­fective in reducing anxiety and de­pression. Instead of paying for a gym membership (or if you’re feeling too lazy to go to our UWY), pedal instead of driving.

Biking is not only good for our personal health, but also for envi­ronmental health and sustainability. Cars give out a lot of exhaust, which then pollutes the air and harms Mother Nature and the beauty she gives the earth. Biking relies on muscle power and thus can help sus­tain the world, rather than continu­ing to harm the planet.

There are so many perks to biking that it’s really hard to find a con. You are able to skip the traffic, always have plentiful parking spots, don’t have to pay for parking, and so much more. Not only is biking good for your health, bank account and the earth, it is really fun!

My challenge for the UW com­munity this week is to get out of the car and ride a bike. You don’t have to go far, but maybe ride to the movies, to class, or even to a local park. Be one with nature and enjoy the sum­mer sun — with Washington’s bipolar weather, who knows how long we’ll have it for.